Where were you at and who were you with when you heard this group Soul 4 Real?

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It was the 1990s and everyone was in a soulful groove. We were dancing to groups like Jodeci and Heavy D and the Boyz. It was 1992 when four brothers from New York were signed to Uptown records and their mentor rapper Heavy D brought them to our attention with the song Candy Rain in 1995. They delighted us with their singing and dancing and to this writer they reminded me of the Jackson 5 with a 90s vibe. The lead singer Jason reminded me of Michael Jackson singing songs about love and life with great authority at a young age. They were well on their way as music stars of
the future then in the late 1990s we did not hear any more from the talented brothers. Well here is the scoop. The brothers Jason, Brian, Andre and Christopher Dalyrimple as I said in the beginning formed in 1992. The years 1994-1997 they were with Uptown Records. The album Candy Rain dropped in March of 1995 with the title track becoming a mega hit for them. In the year 1999 they were signed to a label called Chrome Dome/ Warlock and they had a song called Can’t Wait and it failed to chart. In the years 2003-2008 they had their own record label called Aljoba Music Group. In 2007 they worked on their 4th album tentatively titled The Unknown with a track called One man featuring Jadakiss later that year they released an EP titled Summertime. Since the release of Candy Rain the group likes so many have gone through professional and personal changes over the years. They even relocated to Atlanta Georgia. During their years in the lime light they did 4 albums the first one we know and love the platinum selling Candy Rain 1995, For Life 1996 both of these on Uptown Records. Then 1999 The Heat was released under Chrome Dome/ Warlock Records and The Evolution TBA under the label Imperial ENT.
In 2008 Summertime came out on their label Aljoba.

Jason has been busy behind the scenes and locally in Atlanta with his own music and website http://www.jasemakermusic.com
where you can get the latest on him and his music. Soul 4 Real is also working on new music and they do occasionally tour. These brothers from New York still have what it takes to be in this music business. They have the bumps and bruises

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