What’s New With Metronome Theory


Good Morning or Afternoon or Evening my fellow music lovers.  I have been extremely busy lately. I have ventured into another opportunity for the Metronome Theory brand.  I am now part of the Mcintosh Mogul Media and G7 radio network.  I am doing a radio show. It is a live version of what I do here on this blog. I love it because I along with my co-host Azborn Bey are playing the music and doing live interviews with the Indy artists I love to support. We are doing all genres and I hope you all will have the opportunity to join us on Sunday from 8 pm-10 pm where we will give you a live view of what I do. I am on the east coast of the United States so my time is Eastern Standard Time. The shows are recorded live and they are automatically archived so once the show is over at 10 pm you will have the chance to listen anytime to all of the shows. I hope you all enjoy what I have been doing for about a month and some change and support the movement supporting the independent music artists. Thank you and I love you all. Oh, and I will be posting other episodes so you can catch up.lol.  Enjoy the link to last Sunday’s show there is more to come.

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