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This song is called Me and My Friends by Paulo Mendonca    


Hello, all you Metronome Theory fans. I know it has been a minute since I wrote to you guys so I decided on this day of Friday, December 29.2017 to do so.  I have experienced so much I guess I can say I have loved and lost as well as learned some valuable lessons concerning this phenomenon called the music business. I have met some awesome people like the artist I am featuring above and I will showcase others as this article moves forward.  Paulo Mendonca not only is an artist I have written about but he has become one of my favorite people from across the ocean. His brand of music is very inviting ad soul-stirring as well as lots of fun. I can’t wait to share what’s next coming from this awesome musician. Like many of you, I was dealing with a lot of the many losses we have had from Chuck Berry to Gainesville’s own Tom Petty.  I was only dealing with the personal loss I have had a few cousins pass away one was a total shock because I literally saw him a month before he died. I have also had to deal with not having solid employment which I finally got and just coping with loss and letting people go who I thought were my friends. Through all of my lessons I was learning I was finding out more about myself and who really had my back. I had to deal with the loss of a friend who at first put the parting of our friendship on my shoulders until I finally sat down and analyzed it and realize it was only a temporary thing and it was not worth my tears to cry about.  Especially when I had his best interest at heart and did what I did for him for free. When I had others telling me what the labels charge and what other industry people do here I was doing it for free and the friendship ended because of another friend that was the bottom line.  I also learned why having a plan B is all so important. I understand why wise musicians have day jobs and they struggle to get their contribution to the art of music out and why they are brave to do it on their own terms. I also understand what my mom meant by knowing how to do more than one thing and keep your eyes open because people are always out to get over if you allow them to do so. I have also honed my own skill as being more discerning when it not only comes to music but what I will play on my radio show. I also learned that I can go it alone I don’t need a co-host. I feel like as long as I am myself and genuine I can accomplish a lot.  With that being said Metronome Theory Live will be back in January with new features so I hope you all stay tuned and ride this journey of growth with me.  This blog is also going to grow to start with this writing.  I want to take this time to thank all of those who participated in making me who I am today. I am grateful for the lesson and I wish you all well in all you do. The best part of my journey I have to say has never stopped. My musical horizons are constantly growing. I have networked with the guys I have come to call my brothers I love these guys so much I am talking about the band Death and their manager Michael Alston.  I have learned so much from them 

The song below is called Cease Fire by Death

I have continued to embrace my African American or my Rock Musicians of Color I love Sound Barrier and much more I am doing research on other bands as we speak to add to our collection of appreciation.  I can not forget to mention my friend Bruce Mack and the Rules of Aqua. These men are carrying the torch letting others know that this music is our music. I also have to shout out my favorite bass player Doug Pinnick with his work in the band Kings X. So many to name but I admire these men not to mention my favorite indy bands Black Mail, Nuroksol, Machine and other artists who are just awesome like American Song Box and so many I keep saying that but it’s true I love these guys with all my heart.  Spacey T and Marie my favorite rock power couple aka Praise The Dead I can’t wait to share in writing and on-air what’s new with them.



Sound Barrier Im Just A Man.

Not only has my love for rock has grown hip hop too. I have fallen in love with my own stepson Justin Mills knowing him personally has always been a pleasure and knowing him as an artist is more of a perk. I am so proud of him I love what he does and I am looking forward to more from him here is a sample of his gift a song called You Don’t Hear Me.

Then there is the 1st Lunatics KB and the crew and his awesome manager Edmond S. Nox Bond and a new guy I was just introduced to Prophet Mocmoud Kastoff these guys I have come to know and love. They have opened my eyes to what hip-hop truly is and I appreciate them and can’t wait to showcase more of what they have to offer.  I also have fallen in love again with R&B if you like Jon B then you will love my friend Bobby Washington from Florida bringing it back for ya as well as my friend Symphony Swingg if you like that edger sound he represents my home state of Connecticut not to mention my favorite Blue Eyed Soul Man Stone White and so many others who are making their mark and rekindling their relationship with music like The Stone City Band and Switch and One Gunn and Tony Christian, Craig Scream Powell all illuminists from Mazarati. It was an honor to interview Mr. Greg Williams from Switch on my radio show and I look forward to having the opportunity to speak with the Stone City Band.  I can’t leave out my love for smooth jazz or grown folks music I think it is funny how there is a need to label everything but this is how people can relate to things I guess. I loved featuring the vocal stylings of my friend Anthony Dixon and playing the music of James Taylor Jr a new friend and my bro in law Burnis Mills. I even gotta bring in the funk with Greg G Rock Sanders and his Cousin Rodney Clark Todd.  I can’t wait to feature them and those who work with them as well. I will admit I have a dream and that is to celebrate our women musicians like my friend Cheryl Cooley and the rest of Klymaxx and my girl from Detroit Deekah aka Mama Slop from her work with her festival the Cosmic Slop.  There is so much music so much to explore and I can not wait to share what I learn on Metronome Theory Live and on this blog Metronome Theory. We have a lot to share and I just want you to know that even though it may take me some time I am like P Diddy or Sean Combs I Can’t Stop I won’t Stop. This is my love my passion and I hope that you feel that energy when I am presenting the best that music has to offer to you the fans. I wish you all well in the New Year and I want to leave you with a little treat

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