Traebeanz: The man who has Conquered the World

Ladies and Gentleman let me present to you from Tifton, Ga the man who has triumphed over a con-man in the music industry and a health crisis that would change his life forever. It was this health crisis that lead to his journey that summoned up his courage and faith. This experience is what inspired him to bring to the fore a cause that is near and dear to his heart and it made him into the man we see before us today.
Traebean or Traebeanz is a singer and song writer with heart. He was introduced to music at an early age watching his aunts and uncles as well as older cousins perform in Macon GA in a family choir put together by his grandmother. This performer at the age of five was turned onto rap music. This was during the time when rappers like MC Hammer and Cool Moe Dee was popular. It was then that his cousin Dr. Lou and his partner that were in the lead of starting the music industry in Tifton GA. These were the men who showed him how to perform and helped to start a love affair for him with rap instead of singing in the beginning. It was this cousin Dr. Lou that had the idea to include the family choir and a group called the Crushing B Boys featuring a female cousin who called herself Candy girl as part of the family musical empire. Dr. Lou wrote their rap lyrics. Because they were kids, he kept the lyrics clean. With that consideration, they were all supported by the younger cousins’ parents. He was around six or seven when he started to travel around to different little towns and cities surrounding them to perform. The group would compete in talent shows around the area. The Crushing B Boys would win so much that they could not compete in any more talent shows.
Fast forwarding to Traebeanz teen years, he realized at the age of thirteen that girls liked singing, so that’s when he began to sing. He also began to free style rap at that time. When he began performing, he would love the way the crowd made him feel. That began his stint doing the talent shows from 13-16 years of age. He was being educated about the music business. He then had his first manager at the age of 16. She was from a small town in GA and was very ambitious. She was also working A&R as best she could. She took him to a showcase in Atlanta GA. They performed for an independent artist putting out his own music. He was also performing, at this time, with a first cousin from the rap group he was in as a child. He had two other gentlemen with him in this group, and they were singing 112’s song Love Me, and they blew everyone away. They were then noticed by Father MC. The same one who put out Mary J. Blige, and had the hit song “I Will Do for You”. If you are too young to know who Father MC is ask your parents or grandparents.
The manager of Father MC told these young men after their performance that he loved their act. He asked if they were available to stay for a 112 concert that was taking place the next night. He truly showed his interest in the young men. The young men did stay and attended the 112 concert. This was Traebeanz first concert that he had ever been to at the age of 16. He describes this experience as if they were in a movie. Father MC had them go to the VIP section of the club where they were. They were asked to sing a song they wrote called “Memories” that was written for their manager. Their manager’s sister had gotten killed so they wrote that for her. Father MC then took out his phone and began to call people concerning these talented young men. Father MC at the time was looking for acts for his distribution deal for his label, but he lied to the young men stating that he was the Senior Vice President of Capital Records. He basically was taking advantage of some small town talented young people for ill-gotten gain. You can actually go on google for more information on how Father MC went from respected music Icon to con man. This was a terrible blow to the young men who thought they were well on their way to fame and fortune. This is where faith comes in. One of the Assistants to Father MC involved happened to be a relative to one of the members in this group and it was her who saved the guys from heart ache. She told them not to sign and don’t believe everything you hear in the music business.
Now we are going to move ahead. After the major disappoint from Father MC, he decided to do what a lot of young men from the hood do. He hustled, and from that experience, he ended up being incarcerated and gained a nickname on the streets. That name is Traebeanz, because he sold ecstasy and in the streets ecstasy is also known as beanz. His real name is Trae, so there you have it. During this trial and tribulation he was still learning and studying the business. He did manage to get his high school diploma because that was what his mother wanted for him. He also learned about marketing when he was not aware of it by watching MTV news. Trae just continued to grow and learn and make connections to keep his dream alive and he was doing well in that respect but then tragedy struck in 2007.
It was the year 2007 when Traebeanz was in for the shock of his life. He was diagnosed with the eye disease Keratoconus.

According to Keratoconus eye disease occurs when there are not enough antioxidants present in the cornea to protect the collagen from the harmful byproducts made by corneal cells, states WebMD. Collagen is the name of the protein fibers that hold the cornea in its usual dome shape. The condition is most often diagnosed in teenage patients, although it is not uncommon for doctors to see it in children or patients up to age 30. Rarely, people first develop Keratoconus eye disease at later ages.
About one in every 2,000 people has Keratoconus eye disease, meaning it is neither a common nor a rare condition, according to the National Keratoconus Foundation. People diagnosed with the condition visualize the world differently than people with normally shaped corneas because it is the job of the corneas to refract light entering the eye. In the early stages of the disease, patients commonly experience only slightly blurry vision and light sensitivity, so they may only require eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct their vision problems. More advanced treatments become necessary as the condition progresses
He went through five failed cornea rejections, which one almost took his life. His journey began when he was caught up on some charges and he had to do 90days at a prison boot camp. During an eye exam was when he was first diagnosed with his eye disease. When he came home from the boot camp he went to a Dr and he was properly diagnosed. He was happy that he could see after his last cornea surgery. That night he began to experience pressure like he had never heard before. He and his mom had to wait until the next day to see the Dr. They ended up sending him to a specialist an hour away from his home in Albany GA. They tried to save the rejected cornea and could not. The pressure got worst he was in so much pain. So then his mother and aunt ended up taking him to Tallahassee FL and they met the Dr. that saved his cornea he ended up having his last surgery in 2014 and he can now see 20/20. If you want to learn more about the eye disease Keratoconus you can got to the National Keratoconus Association website, please click on the link below. Traebeanz is also the international spokesperson for this eye disease and he encourages all to make sure they get their yearly eye exams. Eye health is very important.

Traebeanz did a video in 2016 called Get Away there is a snippet at the end of this video it is for a movie that showcases what it is like in this busy music mogul’s life as he juggles his music career and help guide others musically aspirations as well as help run a marketing company all while dealing with the ups and downs of having KC. The video is at the bottom of the page. Traebeanz has certainly worked hard and faced many adverse situations to be the success that he has become now and this is only the beginning for him. With all that he has been through you can truly say he has conquered the world and you better believe that the sky is the limit for this musical warrior from Tifton GA.
Now I get to do what I love to do and that is share where you can find out more about Traebeanz.

You can also find him on Sound Cloud

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Keratoconus Information
In August of 2016 he released a video called “Get Away”, which I personally love. Here is the video

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