To Market or Not To Market An Artist What Are The Criteria?

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I was in the car this afternoon and it hit me like a bolt of lightning. Who should decide what ethnicity should play a certain kind of music? When you listen to the artist Miyavi from Japan it would be a shame to say that he could not be as funky or rock like he wants to because of his race.
It would be a crime to say that Teena Marie or Robin Thicke could not be as soulful as they could be simply because they were not of a certain race. Groups like Living Color, Bad Brains, Death, and artists like Adam Falcon should not be persecuted or denied the ability to be loved or accepted and financially compensated fairly because of their race because they play rock music. This issue in American music should not even exist but it does. Many of our rock musicians of color have to continue to work in other professions to live and support their families. Some of these artists have to work overseas in order to do what they love which is play rock music. I have to ask who decides what is marketable in the music industry? Who decides that race and even gender maybe even sexual orientation should even matter? I, in my opinion, think the music buying public should have more say so instead of an industry that is all about making money and using music artists like they are disposable refuse. There are thousands and maybe millions of stories of how talented individuals were disillusioned about how they were treated in an industry that is supposed to bring joy to people and I am not just talking about the fans. I feel that the fans should be educated and know the history of where the music they listen to comes from. I don’t feel like we should be force fed to accept mediocre talent as award-winning knock your socks off good. They should not be stars they are part of the machine to discredit music lovers and disrespect the people who love them. We are being told to enjoy images that would have never made it past the gate years ago. There was a time when musicians were never told to dumb down their skill but to work hard and to show what they can do. That is not to say that even during that time they were not scammed and ripped off for their skill because they were. I would like to let people know that record executives should not use race or any other reason to not present an artist no matter what genre of music they perform. The only reason we should not see a musician is because they have no talent. I as always like to leave a little something about the many artists I enjoy. So here are a couple videos and you be the judge as to how these people should be honored. I believe they should not only be honored respectfully but they should be given major props and recognition for sharing their gift with us.(The song Below does not belong to me it is a song by Adam Falcon Featuring Nona Hendryx called Sunshine)

Miyavi Samurai Sessions (I do not own this video it is by Miyavi)

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