The Truth Needs No Introduction : A Love Letter to Mikhal Cadwell

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Song Called Need More Time Written by Anthony Larkin Dedicated to Mikhal Cadwell

fretboard frolicks Mikhal Coldwell

There are times in our lives when we are blessed with a very special person he or she comes into our lives and they show us the true meaning of life. I dedicate this blog or love letter to Anthony Larkin Mikhal called him his little brother and he mentored in the art of guitar plying. I dedicate this blog to his Wife Brenda and his children and grandchildren and all others that he left behind in 2011 way too soon. I dedicate this blog to me not because I am an egotistical person but I did not get the chance to meet such a lovely spirit. While others can talk of him because they knew him I can only imagine how cool he was and how he changed people’s lives for the better while he was here. Those who knew him have memories I have videos on You Tube and I can just guess because of his personalty that we would have been friends too.
Mikhal Caldwell one of the most prolific guitarists ever to play the instrument. Even though you can hear a little bit of everything blending together in his unique sound I heard the fusion of Jazz and Rock. I truly wish I could have met him and talked to him because the way he played the guitar took your breath away he was truly a master guitarists. I call him my Louis Johnson of the guitar because Louis Johnson (the late great bass player famous for being part of the Brothers Johnson band) was one of the few instrumentalist that caused me to actually have a physical reaction to his playing. Mikhal was the second man to do that. That’s pure power and skill that not just anyone can duplicate. He gave me chills and that was from watching the videos. I interviewed my brother from another mother Anthony Larkin from Nuroksol to tell me about this magnificent human being. He said that Mikhal was big hearted. When you met him it changed you. He had a wealth of knowledge about life in general but we will just keep it simple and focus on the music. He was very intuitive and knew what you needed to hear at the right time to help you out. He had a favorite saying “The Truth Needs No Introduction”. If we all think bout that a little bit isn’t that true. He gave Anthony many things to think about but when it came to guitar playing he told him that you will look at your guitar differently once you see the guitar turn into a grid. Well of course my friend thought about that awhile until the day it happened. He said they were playing a gig and his guitar turned into a grid. He said he was totally into the zone and his playing changed. He said he didn’t remember what he played on his solo but he remembered the end of it and the reaction. He never saw the way he played guitar the same way again. I know this to be true because I saw a performance that my friend Anthony did and he was in the zone doing his little duck walk and when I asked him about it he doesn’t realize he is doing that once he is in the zone he is there. Now to me that is a master guitarists. Mikhal was a true artists who found inspiration for his music by looking at art in a museum. He said the art spoke to him and he saw the movement of art as music he heard the sound that art made. So to Mikhal art was not just a painting on a wall it had movement, sound and meaning and it was full of inspiration that caused him to create the beautiful music we all enjoy. He excelled at everything he did he was even a world class martial arts boxer. He retired undefeated. He was truly a genuine person. Mikhal called himself one of the most gentlest dangerous person you will ever meet. He would never harm you. He was in great shape physically and took care of himself. He suddenly passed away in 2011. I gained a lot of insight from my friend Anthony as he continued to talk to me about his friend Mikhal. Anthony mentioned to me that he realized what a blessing it was to have Mikhal in his life while they were celebrating his life at his funeral. He said so many people stood up and said that Mikhal was their best friend. He made people feel like that. He said he had to smile a little bit because he knew the love of his life Brenda was truly his best friend. Mikhal was a true artist when it came to the guitar he not only played it he taught people about the guitar. Here is a video of his show Fret Board Frolicks so you can see what I am talking about.

Mikhal made it a point to elevate the world and the people around him he made the world a better place with him in it. I hope these few words I have said about this man Mikhal Caldwell leaves you feeling that the world actually was blessed with an angelic soul. He was remembered as being a very uplifting positive person who loved playing his Fender Stratocaster Guitar. Fender Stratocaster was his favorite guitar. I want to leave you now with a video of him performing. I just want to say that it is a shame that he was not well known here in the USA but he was a mega star overseas. He is the reason why I am making it my mission to get the word out about our black and people of color rock artists. I m honored and humbled to write this for a man who’s influence and music still lives on. You can shoot for the sun and land on the moon but we are still all looking up at you. R.I.P. Mikhal Caldwell you are still missed and loved very much bu those who knew you well.

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