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I did a lot of writing about Rock Artists of Color back in 2012. This was written on June 17,2012. Who knew that this would be the path I would be taking with my site. I not only want black people to know and support our black rock artists here in the USA I want them to see other artists of color as well. They are just as kick but and raw and melodic and wonderful as their white counterparts. They even got a little funk in their playing too. I started this article with the Video Strong by this artists named MIYAVI my son turned me on to him and then I just went off from there. Here is my disclaimer I do not own any of the videos or pictures of the artists I have featured in this blog but please by all means check them out. Enjoy my other blast from the past.


dtl_08222_1miyavai 2015

Miyavi a guitar Monster
I have another young man from Japan to introduce you to. His name is Miyavi. He is a guitarist extraordinarily so. When my son introduced me to him I watched the video with my mouth open. He plays the guitar like a bass. He is poppin and thumpin as well as playing it the way it is traditionally supposed to be played. He is also heavily influenced by Michael Jackson you can see it when he moves. You will see this in his video Strong that I have posted. A friend of mine recently told me that I embrace music like it is a living breathing thing. When I see various artists from the US and all over the world and they blow me away it is. The dimension and color and spice that this young man brings to the table is phenomenal. He doesn’t just rock, he plays pop and hip hop as well as metal. No matter what he does you can feel it. It is truly an entertaining experience and i love it I truly wish him continued success and growth. More on Miyavi go to his website

The next Asian rockband is called The Gazette

I am a music freak. I am not even going to lie about that. I love hearing about new bands and new sounds. Other people may be aware of them but if they are new to me I am sharing what I hear and what I know. I have a few of some Imports that I think will awaken your musical minds. The two bands I will talk about come from Japan. This is for those who feel like Japanese music is all EMO. These guys rock I mean really rock. They hit every genre and sub genre of rock that you can imagine or at least they hit a lot of them. The first band I want to tell you about is called The Gazette. (check out the video section to see their song called Cock Roach) This band was formed in early 2002. They are one of the more popular bands in the Japanese Visual Kei Scene and they are gaining strides in the mainstream Japanese Music scene. They are currently signed to Sony music Japan VVV records. They are also making International strides as well. If you want more info about this band got to their website



The next Japanese rock band that really rock are called Dir En Grey. They also tackle many rock sub genres. They are actually one rock band that is hard to label but if we must do so for the sake of argument they are a hard metal band. This band was formed in 1997. They are currently signed to a Firewall Div a subdivision of Free Will Inc. Since 20011 this band had recorded 8 full length Albums. They were part of the Visual Kei Scene but have changed to less dramatic style. They are also well known internationally and have traveled extensively all over the world. They have a huge fan base without singing in English even though they can (check out their video Glass Skin). If you want to know more about them here is their website

dir En Grey

Dir En Grey2

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