The First Label We Are Introducing to you:Ink Rebellion Boutique Record Label



Hello, my lovely ones. I am presenting to you my fellow music lovers a glimpse of behind the scenes at the music industry. This article is going to be the first of its kind to be showcased on the Metronome Theory. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you a record label called Ink Rebellion Boutique Record Label. This record label is in the UK and it is owned by Colonel Red. You may be wondering why I am sharing what I know about him again, well I am showcasing him in a different light. He is more than the dynamic musician I have come to know and adore, he is an executive of his own label. He and his team which consists of Clio who is the managing director of the label, Madison who is the in-house photographer and Colonel Red.  Clio the managing director of this label sat down and answered some questions I had been wondering about, and this is the interview that took place.

Metronome Theory: What is the full name of your label?

Clio: Ink Rebellion Boutique Record Label

Metronome Theory: What inspired you to call it Ink Rebellion?

Clio: The power of the written word, Indelible Ink

Cannot be blotted out, ‘Rebel Lion’,. Rising in

Opposition against the conformed establishment with lion strength and authority.

Metronome Theory: What type of music do you produce at your label?

Clio: British urban soul rock hip hop funk fusion

Metronome Theory:  What acts are currently represented by your label and are you looking for new acts?

Clio: Ink Rebellion is presently the house of Colonel red music & releases. We always have an ear out for new innovative artists that bring powerful messages through their music & lyrics.

Metronome Theory:  What role does each person play in the day to day operation of your label?

Clio: Ink Rebellion staff is comprised of Clio, who is the managing

director of the label, she handles the day to day administrative duties of the label, she coordinates all marketing as well as publicity, contract negotiations, collaborations, research, and development.

Madison is our in-house photographer and graphics go to person, she helps to keep the Colonel Red image and brand fresh and new.

Redz, the producer singer songwriter, creative director and A&R professional, always developing, evolving the artiste, the Colonel Red musical history.

Metronome Theory: Does having a label make it easier to work within the music industry?

Clio: I’m not sure easier would say it, still it is a more empowering position to be in when you have a label that is at the forefront representing your musical ethos.

Metronome Theory: How would you describe the vibe or atmosphere at your label?

Clio: energized organic, very electric.

Metronome Theory: What do you like most about having your own label?

Clio: We can remain true to the artiste, share and spread the word, the essence of the artiste, in the most genuine manner.

Metronome Theory: Where do you see your label in five or ten years?

Clio: We are already an internationally recognized label

within the industry, down the line we are sure to be a household name amongst artistes, representing great music.

Metronome Theory: Do you recommend being a label owner to up in coming artists?

Clio: Independence is key to any kind of real present & future in a creative

business, so yes, still there is a growth period for any up and coming artist

that requires a great deal of dedication and demanding work before you can

establish yourself separate to the crowd. Time becomes your teacher and

only then can should you embark upon such an endeavor as to be a label


Metronome Theory:  Record labels are notorious for certain things some are beneficial to the artist other things not so much what makes your label different?

Clio: First comes inspiration, then comes creation, once creation is complete, then comes the question, what, who next? what label can you approach? who can you get to believe in your music enough to do a great job with it!? In this

case, Ink Rebellion is the answer to this common question, to market,

promote and sell such a unique product of music & art takes belief of a kind,

to spend the time & money necessary to reach as many people as humanly possible with this product takes dedication & understanding and that is what we at Ink Rebellion provide. As a Boutique label, we pride ourselves on providing the artists with individualized service emphasizing what is unique about them and their message.

Metronome Theory: What made you decide to start your label?

Clio: Ink Rebellion was born out of necessity in 2012, to realign the creative path& direction for the artist, as opposed to an outside entity. Ink Rebellion, A Studio Art Boutique label, stands for devotion to a cause and the refusal to compromise a truth; in this case, the truth is sharing the originality of Colonel Red music with his audience.

Metronome Theory: What types of acts are you looking for to be part of your label if you are looking?

Clio: Across many genres, we already collaborate with, and feature many different artists who bring their special brand and style to compliment Ink Rebellion. Those that stand separate from the crowd.

Metronome Theory: What background in music does your staff have that qualifies them to be part of your record label?

Clio: Our staff is comprised of true music lovers, that bring with them a dedication to excellence, conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism above all else.

I would like to thank Clio, Redz, Madison for their dedication and contribution for their contribution to the music industry and for allowing me to showcase their label Ink Rebellion. I am humbled by this experience and I learned a lot and I hope you all have too. If you would like to check out the label first hand here is the link.

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