The Detroit Music Scene It’s More Than Just The Motown Sound.

Nuroksol 2012

Nuroksol 2012

song is called IOU by Nuroksol

When we think of Detroit Michigan we think of televisions shows that depict a crime ridden city on it’s last legs. We also think of all the imagery that the news and other mass media has thrown at us. I get it and I understand about crime stats and unemployment and gang violence and rape per capita. Now Let’s think of Detroit in a positive light. Let us not forget that Detroit has sports teams in Baseball The Detroit Tigers, Hockey The Detroit Devil Wings, Football The Detroit Lions, and Basketball The Detroit Pistons. Detroit is just like any other urban city in the United States with its ups and downs. This city is also known for the Auto Industry and when that dried up so did a lot of things. Currently the auto industry is back different but back. Detroit is known for a lot of things but it’s claim to ultimate fame is the Motown Sound created by Berry Gordy. In fact the original Motown building is a museum and people can go see where The Funk Brothers who played on thousands of number one songs more than The Beatles and many other greats combined. The Temptations in their early years and Four Tops , Smokey Robinson and other greats who have left their mark on music history forever. When Motown left some people thought the music scene had left Detroit. Were these people right in their thinking? I say absolutely NO in fact I say it resoundingly. There is more to Motown than the Motown Sound. It is teaming with talented people who have taken the music industry by storm and some of them still live in and love their town so much that they have in some way helped with revitalizing it. The person that comes to my mind first is Kid Rock. Even though as of late he has been saying some racist remarks if it wasn’t for some of the very people he now hates he would not be where he is now. I for one like his music and I thought he had depth and was very multi talented in what he did musically because he could tap into all sounds. He did dabble into hip hop even though he said he raped our hip hop sound and he plays rock and he does country music he can do it all musically but what he currently fails to realize or lost sight of is the fact that music is a great equalizer unlike politics or religion or personal bias music soothes people and bring people together. There are people who make great sacrifices to pay to go see him and other artists live not just one race of people but all people who love music. It just goes to show that musicians are humans like the rest of us and they say and feel things and when they sadly express ideas that are not what God feels it is kind of disappointing. If you think about it what entertainer has made his or her fortune by only entertaining a certain race of people or a specific gender alone? If anyone knows that answer please email me and I want to talk to that person. The next person I think of is Eminem. He is a rapper and he is very good at what he does if you don’t believe me you should check out his website Ted Nugent is another Detroit native. Even though he is known as the Motor City Mad Man and his racist statements and political views are not unknown to us, I still like his song Cat Scratch Fever it is a rock classic. There are other groups and individuals that represent the Detroit music scene. Independent artists like GT or Grov Tigue a bass player and music producer fantastic talent he can play any genre. He is known for being in several local bands in the Detroit area but I know him from Funkilinium and Nuroksol. Then there are Jason Harden aka Jay Freeze guitarist from Nuroksol and Marlow Ray Morgan the lead singer from Nuroksol and Chef drummer from Nuroksol and lead singer from Funkilinium and Anthony Larkin from Nuroksol and there are many others. Some I may have met and chatted with over the years thanks to a friend of mine Michael Branch. He was the one who opened the secret garden door for me and let me peer into the secret musical world I am talking about now. There are other hip hop artists like Eddie Blacktear Thomas. He has a radio show and Facebook page as well as a blog done by me on this site so please check it out and leave a comment let me know what you think. Let’s not forget the many jazz artists and contemporary R&B artists like Kem

Kem and Brian O’Neal and his Do charities. brianoneal2
So many artists working their craft and talents in all genres from Gospel to Rap. All of them needing our support. I am a huge music fans and my musician friends who know me understand how I feel about music and why I felt it was my duty to tell the world about them and to share their links to their pages so people can see for themselves how wonderful they are. I can say Detroit I have just scratch the surface and tasted your sound and it truly is more than Motown and it is engraved in my brain forever. With that being said I feel like a kid in a candy store looking and being introduced to more sweet music and the more I learn the more I will share with you fellow music lovers. Thanks for supporting me in my musical cause and in parting I want to share with you for your listening pleasure check out a blast from my past Funkilinium and if I missed mentioning anyone please email me and let me know who should be mentioned next as one of Detroit’s Finest. Much Love The Metronome Theorist.

song is called Booty Earth Quake by Funkilinium

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