The Black Rock Artists : I Hear You, African American RockArtists That Need To Be Heard

bass Man Andre

Andre Cymone Performing Back In The day

300x300.jpgtony chritian

fretboard frolicks Mikhal Coldwell

Note: All media used in this blog does not belong to me but to the Artists and their Families pictures I found on line.

I was inspired to write this blog while I was watching a 2005 documentary called Electric Purgatory. It talks about the plight of the black rock artists. I think it is a shame and a disgrace that most black Americans don’t know who or even support our black rock musicians. I think it is a crime that they call rock music white boy or long hair music when they have no clue of the history of rock music. These same music fans can spend money and support Eminem and Robin Thicke and even love Teena Marie but in the same breath ostracize the black rock artists for playing alternative music. The few black fans that they do have get treated like they committed a sin if they do like rock music. I for one love R&B and Jazz and some Hip Hop a person’s race should not matter as long as they are true to themselves and their passion. The powers that be have made race an issue. They decided that a sound whose origin came out of the black churches had to be a joke if created by black people. Blues musicians like BB King and Buddy Guy and Ike Turner came out of Mississippi to showcase their talent. These musicians have gone through the Jim Crow era and suffered many atrocities during their life time just for being black men. The music industry did not make life any easier for them because some of their early work and successes was stolen right out of their hands and there was nothing they could do about it. Even Robert Johnson one of the greatest guitarists to ever do it had to make a deal with the devil to be as talented as he was so the story goes. He could not be accepted as just an ultra talented black man who had serious skills when it came to his guitar playing they had to come up with some myth to his greatness in order for other people to accept him. This blog is going to be a mini series about many of the black rock artists and their experience with the music industry and why they continue to plug away in a music genre that the black musicians either had stolen from them or they just dropped the ball and gave it away. I am even asking for bands to showcase black rock artists we should know even black rock fusion artists. I would love to pick their brain and see what their experiences are like.

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