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55447749.jpgbenard 3 imagesKU2MLEGF.jpg benard wright R-928004-1232145308_jpeg.jpgbenard 2It has come to my attention in an odd type of way that we true music fans and true music artists have lost our way.   What ever music or images the musical powers that be say is talent the musicians perform it like trained seals and we buy it like we are tone deaf and we view it like our minds have totally shut down.  I as a living music loving thinking person know that a true artist will not sacrifice his beliefs or image or his true talent of singing for no one. Neither will this artist become a slave to the industry or record label. The true artists embrace the differences between his art and another true artist. They work hard for that distribution deal but they won’t prostitute themselves for it. It is a passion and a lot of blood sweat and tears on the part of the artist. His contribution to music is his own personal thumb print in the world. This is what that musician will be known for. They will be remembered by their skill, the image, their greatness, what makes them true blue real to us fans.  Their gifts of music and the legacy they leave behind is what generations later will study.  When I think of how so many of our artists disrespect each other just for attention there is no real valid reason to behave this way. They should think about this because so many of them are one hit wonders. They are here today forgotten tomorrow. They are no longer cute or relevant. The lot of them are not thinking of long-term or even anything else. Some may diversify and start clothing or cosmetic lines others may have other businesses or even a designer wine or alcohol label. Those are good things because you may not want to be a performer later in life. The one thing that’s important is how will I be remembered? My body of work was it the best or was it the most popular? The lyrics was it truly a representation of me or was it as explicit as possible because we all know sex and debauchery sells. Music is truly the fabric of our lives. It’s part of our living history. No matter what is happening in the stream of time music dictates to historians what was happening in that era. The worst times got the more risque music got. People began to hear how movie studios and record labels would invest whatever it took to make the person of their choosing become the star they want them to be. Did these people have talent? Maybe a little if any but these people had the desire to sacrifice anything and everything even if it meant to dumb down their true talent for fame.  What happens when the industry is through with their creation? They get dumped or the artist will crash and burn their own careers due to their egos and feeling of entitlement. The average listener should demand more skill more talent like an employer would an employee. If a person who says he is well skilled in construction or the medical field they should do that job like the professional they say they are with passion and pride because they love what they do. Their performance is compensated with money and a benefit package. If they don’t do a good job they loose that job. We should do the same with the artists we support. They don’t owe us their privacy but their talent is what matters. The images they place in children’s heads who want to be like them one day they should be mindful of that in all they do publicly. Heavy D came out years ago with a song called don’t curse. It was a good song he had various rappers on it and the message of the song was they could still get their messages out without being vulgar. The average listener need to remind these artists to truly keep it 100 we the fans will love them more for that. (I don’t own this song it is owed and performed by Banard Wright it’s called Who Do You Love)

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