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I do not own this song this song was written by and performed by earth Wind and Fire( Guiding Lights)


My name is Katherine Mills. My friends call me Kathy or Kat but you can call me the Metronome Theorist. I came up with that name based on my passion for music and how it relates so much to math and science. The word Metronome reminded me of how the tool the metronome was used by musicians to help keep time with music. They still use them but they are electronic now. The other word Theory is just that. When we listen to a piece of music we are listening to someone else interpretation of that sound. We then use that sound and come up with our own meaning. None of the different thoughts are wrong they are theories based on that piece of music. I have been in love with music since I was born. The first little back beat I heard I am sure had me bouncing in my crib. I don’t remember that I am just guessing and trying to imagine that feeling because I knew how my own babies reacted to music. I was fortunate to be exposed to all kinds of music from family and friends and teachers. I believe that love of music opened the door to many things for me as far as music goes. I am not a musician but when I was a kid I did try my hand at violin and flute. I used to have a guitar too. My talent actually came from my many years of singing in my school chorus and youth choirs younger than that at church growing up. My experience in singing helped grow my love for music and composition and how musicians do what they do. The inner workings of how what they do make so many people happy. I was asked once what I truly thought about music and my answer was I think it is a very powerful medium. It is one of the few things that can touch us in the brain the way sex can and it also effects the heart. Music can be the back drop of many movements and changes in time. Music can make a person stand and reply to a call to action as well as set the mood for a magical night of love. Musicians have been the cause of many of us being here today. Their music set the pace. I have a question posted under your world in music and I ask what would you do without music? I said my little piece and I know music has been in my life for so long that I will never give it up. It’s like the perfect man to me. Music will always have my undying love and affection most of all my heart. When I listen to a piece of music I can visualize the musicians playing their part. I can see the importance of every note and every interpretation each member of the bands brings out to make that one whole piece of sound ignite my senses in a way that I could never put into words. My true appreciation of music also came from the fact that I was married to a musician. He is a bass player hence I have an affinity toward bass players. Watching him and his brother which whom I will be show casing next, helped me to appreciate more the intricate process of performance. The reason I took on this project is because there are so many musicians out their that do not have major backing and they are awesome musicians. Some of them don’t want to be part of the machine called the music business at least not on the terms that the powers that be want them to do. I feel like what I do is valuable to someone and I hope it helps others continue to do what they do and stay true to themselves and their music. Thanks for letting me share a little bit about me and why I felt this undertaking needed to be done.

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  1. A Fascinating read & insight into what this site is all about & of course who you are.. as a recording/performing Artiste for 3 decades now, I can tell you it doesn’t necessarily get easier to open up to people about how music & the experiences it brings makes you feel.. for many a long & profound career in music can make one quite the cynic, still when a veteran {like myself} reads the visceral & intellectual interpretation of how someone ‘such as yourself’ clearly feels & wants to passionately be effective & make a difference by bringing art to the surface, distinguishing core music & musicians from the selling fields.. its a refreshing feeling shared by the many who toil with creative desire. Thank you Katherine for being one of the good guys who by virtue of setting up this medium will allow the fires to burn brightly. It takes love to know love.

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