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Detroit is a place where musicians live and fade away. This city is full of talent so much so that it should burst. Detroit is also full of slick record label owners and producers like leeches suck the gift out of artists and keep the profits then toss the artists away like bones from a chicken or steak. There is such a story about a Mexican-American man who could have been as big or bigger than Bob Dylan. In 1970, Sixto Rodriguez was used by a record label owner who wanted so much to be like Berry Gordy but he went about it the wrong way. My grandmother always said be careful how you treat people because what comes around goes around and that is what happened to this now defunct record label and owner. In my opinion, he is better than Dylan. He was raw and real because he lived in the neighborhoods in Detroit. He saw the disparity in the people. He worked as a laborer doing demolition the part nobody else wanted to do the gritty nasty part. He may not of experienced all of what he sang and wrote about but he knew people who did that’s the difference between Dylan and Rodrigues. Rodriguez when you look at him during his video he is very humble and he is really not about the extravagance or fancy things in life. This story is about life and how crazy it can be. This writer and singer went on for years not knowing that his music was the backdrop for change in the country of South Africa and was very much a part of the demonstrations against apartheid also the inspiration to many music artists in that country who wanted to be heard. That record label owner may have kept royalties and other money pertaining to the two albums Cold Fact and Coming from Reality but he did not stop the most important part people who were fans came looking for him. These people searched even when there was a rumor about his apparent suicide in front of a crowd of people when the show did not go well. Many people in South Africa and abroad wondered what happened to Rodriguez he just simply went to work supporting his family working in construction and being an activist in his community and running for mayor. He was a very hard-working and ethical man and taught his daughters really great lessons and he doesn’t seem to hold any malice toward that record label owner who dogged him. I can go on about this honorable man but I want you to see this man’s story for yourself.

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