Remembering Prince June 7,1958-April 21,2016


How can I begin this blog I am so shocked. It all seems so surreal. Never in my lifetime did I ever think I would be talking about the death of Prince. This writing compared to many others that I have done on this site is different. Usually, I have a mp3 of the artist I am profiling then some video and website information. This time, I start with an early picture of my favorite artist and there will be no mp3 only videos and my take on this genius. I remember my first song I heard from this musical, rock Icon. It is still one of my favorites. The song is called “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” I remember swooning over this man pictured above and I thought he was one of the sexiest men I had ever seen in my life. My parents notorious for teasing me about my favorite music artists questioned his masculinity. I had to defend him then and his whole career to people who did not understand the concepts he was doing visually and musically. Below is the link to Prince performing live I Wanna Be Your Lover – 01/30/82 – Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL)

I gotta admit I was awakened this morning by the many thoughts I had in my head concerning this man. I will say musically we admirers (I don’t like using the word fan and I will explain why later) never can say we were bored with him. He changed his look, band members, sound, and presented and supported so many people that when we describe what we liked best about him we have to choose an era or theme. Like for instances do you like him when he first started out when he had long hair and Dez Dickerson was playing in his band or do you like when Andre Cymone was part of his lineup or how about Wendy and Lisa I can go on and on. Some of his band members and bands that he brought to the public stage and they are on our minds. Now it is time for my rant. I will start with my encounter with a former drummer of his. It was some years ago when I came across this person online. Somehow I was sent a link to his music and web page by someone who thought I would like him. Well, we connected. I won’t mention his name because after our online friendship ended so abruptly I just thought he was a hater and a flake. He and many other people like him who hated Prince because of career moves and business dealings had him apologizing publicly trying to mend bridges and reconnect every chance he got. He ended up saying all he felt when he was honored by BET at their music awards. He basically thanked God first and said he was sorry for all the wrong he had done and he advised the younger musicians not to do what he did to become who he was.I must admit I felt angry because I remembered how the person the former drummer said he would get drunk and pee on Prince’s lawn , I have to wonder if he still blames Prince for his failures musically and still has a deep hate for him especially now that he is gone. I wonder if he is still under the influence of whatever peeing on Prince’s property now. There are lots of bands and producers that have come through Camp Prince and if it wasn’t for him they would not be household names and enjoying the careers they have now as independent artists. The disagreements and all of that should no longer be an issue even before this shocking day of losing him those bridges should have been mended. Prince and his fellow Minneapolis musicians created a sound that was truly and will forever be part of the music scene now and forever more. Groups like Mazarati, The Time, and solo acts like Jesse Johnson and Andre Cymone , Shelia E and dynamic duo producers Jam and Lewis would not be here if it wasn’t for Prince. Marvin Gunn aka One Gunn has a tribute band that holds a concert every year paying homage to the one and only Bob Marley and he has his own music check out these videos.

Even musician Tony Christian has done well check out his video We The People

Mazarati Players Ball

Prince had an eye for talent and he did not mind sharing the spotlight or allowing others to shine. He was such a generous artist and a student of the musical arts he learned from Rick James, James Brown even Michael Jackson. He wrote for many people like the great Patti Labelle. The song Yo Mr. was written by Prince sang by Patti Labelle


Those are just a few of my favorite videos but I have to add one more. One with him and Shelia E performing their song A Love Bizzare

He has touched so many people that I can write on him until the end of time. His philanthropic and charitable contributions and donations in private to his pop up free concerts and reducing the price to concert tickets to $25 that was Prince. He will be so missed by family and friends, fans alike. He truly was a Beautiful One. This is not goodbye this is see you later my brother. Rest pecefully our sweet Prince.



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