Rap Artist: Maurico Man of Integrity

th.jpgmauricoNashville Tennessee is known as the country music capital of the world. This city, however, has a very large music community there is more than country music here. Whatever your musical taste you will find it there. Among the many artists stands a rap artist that feels his music will help create a change in an industry that did not start out as the negative image and foul language genre that it has become. This rapper has taken from the historical pages of the past and put positivity in his lyrics and set it to a hot track. The artist I am talking about is Maurico. Stating the fact that a rap artist these days as having integrity is a rarity. Most music you hear now are filled with cursing and glamorizing treating women as sexual playthings with no feelings. This genre helps the listener to see that being a pimp and drug dealer and spending time in jail and living a violent life is a good way to live. Little does the average listener know is that most of these guys may have known people who lived that life but they personally have never lived that life. They are all part of an image that the powers that be feel is a great way for an artist to basically be a cash cow. Maurico is not your average artist not only does he uplifts the woman in his song Autograph, but he has you thinking about how women should be honored. There are positive messages and lessons in his lyrics. He’s no angel but 99% of his music is curse word free. If he uses any foul language he is conveying and emotion. In the event, you should hear this word it blends in so well that you would not really notice it. In the song City Come Alive, you will hear an example of this. This is a man that will stay true to himself and he will not put out any music that will cause his mom or four sisters any shame. This artist is more than a rapper he is a talented songwriter and an accomplished singer. He feels that he as an artist has a responsibility to his fans and that is why he keeps his music PG. Maurico is definitely an artist on the move. If you want to know more about him here are some links where you can check him out.

download “Her Song” on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/her… You can also find him on Amazon my favorite music spot, Spotify.

You can also check out these videos if you can’t wait to check out this handsome young man in action you all know how we do I share the wealth……… Enjoy as I wish you guys Love Peace and much much music.

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