Propaganjah: Reggae’s New Messengers of Peace and Love





Hello, my metronome Theory enthusiasts. I have a brand new band to introduce to you. I know you all have an idea about how I feel about music and I try to get you the music fans the best of the best for your listening pleasure. I want you to meet a from Ocala Fl. Reggae band called Propaganjah. Their name alone should give you an idea of what values these guys hold dear. The name Propaganjah came from their percussionist Ginjah.  These musicians are the real deal if you like Bob Marley, The Wailers, and all the reggae greats then you will enjoy this band. Their music is all about that positive vibes, love, and peace for all humankind. Their music just puts you in a good mood. Their music is very honest and as their name suggests they follow the philosophies of the Rasta principles. They are very open about where ganja plays in their lives as well. These guys, as well as the leader, were very cool to interview. Rob Burr is the guitarist and lead vocalist, Ginjah Riggio is the percussionist, Marlin Sessler is the bassist, Tyler Stalbaum is the drummer, Aaron Bergman is the saxophone player.  The adage never judge a book by its cover is a phrase that can be applied to this band because as you will see, they don’t look like the typical reggae band. Their sound, however, is totally legit. I can not tell you guys how awesome it was to meet these guys really and to prove how legit they were when we met at The High Dive Bar in downtown Gainesville, Fl they were opening up for the legendary Wailers and I got to meet and speak to Donald Kinsey that was totally exciting. He took my information and said he would check out my site.  The opportunity to open up for the kings of reggae for a band that has only been together for a year is a huge undertaking, and it speaks volumes about them.  Rob told me briefly about his music background. His dad was raised in the Virgin Islands because his family is native St Croix Islanders. The music he listened to growing up is truly a musical gumbo featuring Calypso, Soca, just to name a couple. He credits Steel Pulse, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, Thrid World, Inner Circle and much more as his musical heroes.  The band wants people to get into their message of positivity and love.  Their goal is to lift people up in all that is good and Ire when you come to their shows as well as when you listen to their music. I can personally say mission accomplished because when you hear Road to Somewhere and Better Daze, you can’t help but feel calm, cool and totally chill.  You know how I do things on the Metronome Theory I invite you all to take a look and investigate this talented band for yourselves. I am confident that you will come to the same conclusion that Propaganjah is the future of reggae and the pied pipers of positivity, peace, and love. You can check them out on their Facebook Page


Rob Burr and Ginjah Riggio of Propaganjah


Propaganjah at The High Dive In Gainesville Fl.

Disclaimer: All Video and Photos used by permission from Propaganjah.

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