Producer To Watch: Arian Brooks

song by Chelsea Lovelle produced by Arian Books called Illusions

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The Bronx in New York City is forever known as the home of Hip Hop and Rap. Many of the founding fathers of rap came from the Bronx. The Hip-Hop Rap movement have influenced many talented individuals. One such person is the subject of this article, Arian Brooks. Music has always played a big part in his life, as well as his older brother’s life Marc. Their mom sent them to a school of the arts. That was where their training began. They both learned to sing, play instruments, and act. It was Marc who played a big part in the Hip Hop movement. In addition, he influenced Arian to pursue a career in the music industry. Arian learned at an early age to Dj and rap at parties. He followed Marc to every event. When he got a little older, it was when a friend of his, Ruben, who wanted to become a rap artist. Ruben asked Arian to be his manager. As a result, Arian gained experience in music management. His thirst to learn more about the music industry lead him to further his education at Full Sail university where he earned his degree in Music Business. Arian is currently working as a producer. One of his major projects is working with a singer song-writer named Chelsea Lovelle. IMG_1352 She is the writer of the song featured on this page. It’s from her upcoming EP called “Watch Me.” Arian produced this song and it features a rapper named “C Money.” This is not all where his talent ends. Oh no….. He also designed the cover art for Chelsea’s Ep. How is that for one stop shopping? Arian feels like so many in the music industry that the music business is really hard to break into but those who work hard make it.
Arian intends to go further into the music business by someday owning a music management and consulting firm. I can see this talented man going very far because of his multi levels of talent as a singer, instrumentalist, and management as well as producing skills. He will be what many artists will need to stand in their corner to make their dreams come true. Chelsea is a prime example of this kind of creative partnership and isn’t that what many artists want a partnership with people who can help them make it to their next level of greatness without feeling enslaved to do what they love to create good music? Well Arian is well on his way to help music artists reach that goal.

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