Palo Roy Henderson A chip of the old Musical Block


(note this song and all media is owned by Palo Roy Henderson Used by permission of the artist.) The name of this song is called Forrest.

The old saying that goes, “Pictures speak a thousand words”, may sound a little old hat, but by looking at this picture of Palo Roy Henderson, you can see that he is anything but ordinary. This young man comes from a very musical family. When he was a young child watching his father, the legendary Sessions musician Marlo Henderson, he saw how black musicians were type cast. It was his father who taught him that you can play and create any kind of music you wanted. His father worked with R&B artists from Motown, Artists from Capital records, Rock artists, Jazz artists and he either wrote or co wrote with several people on some pretty popular albums. He even played on some of them, like Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall. Growing up, Palo did not realize his dad’s friends were famous. In the summer he went on tour with his dad playing and learning his craft. This early training taught him well, because as a teenager he played with some awesome rock bands. One of them that played a very important part in his life was Fishbone. Fishbone was the band where he really developed his sound and musical personality. He describes himself as unusual, and I agree in a very nice way that he is. I call him a rock artist with a heart. That in itself is not normal. Though he does not claim to be an angel, he does have standards and he is not willing to do any and everything and that comes from how his mother and father raised him. This multi-instrumentalist has been playing music for 25 years I mentioned his dad but his grandfather also had a musical influence on him. I can honestly say that Palo is also a fan of music. Maybe even a student of music. He experiments with sound and style. For instance, if you listen to the song Forrest, you may think this is a pretty progressive jazz riff, then it changes and you hear rock thrash or death metal, but it’s really melodic. You hear musical riffs and notes that you can identify other genres, such as jazz, and then he mixes it with thrash or death metal. It’s not a bunch of noise. It is very intricate and complex. I will share the video with you that I found on you tube that made me take a more closer look at this musician. Its even amusing when I think of our conversation especially when he talked about his father . I had to admit to him that Thrash and Death Metal are not my favorite kinds of music because to me it sounds like a bunch of chaotic noise with no rhythm or reason. When I saw Palo playing in this video I actually like it, but I will say that may be a bit bias, but I am unapologetic about my feelings. I only like when he plays Thrash or Death Metal. I may be featuring him as a rock musician in this article but he plays it all like his father before him. He writes music and he is a producer. At this stage in his career he is doing more studio work and looking to do movie scores. I truly wish him well with that because with his skill I believe this man can do anything and with that being said it’s that time again. You all know how I do it when I find musical gems I like to share and show you guys that this man Palo Roy Henderson is no joke.
Here is the video I was telling you all about.

I can honestly say this was the beginning of my Death Metal Thrash conversion. If you want to know more about this uniquely phenomenal musician who is truly a chip off the old musical blog check him out on his Reverbnation page:

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