O’Bryan Then and Now and Beyond.

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When you think of O’Bryan what comes to mind? Are you reminded of the talented man with a falsetto that can make any romantic night come to life with his ballads or are you transported back to 1983-1987 when he sang the theme song to our favorite Saturday late morning show Soul Train. Well let me enlighten you about this handsome singer. I have been a fan of his since 1982 that was when O’Bryan McCoy Burnette was a recording artist for Capital records. I was fresh face senior at Plant City Senior High School in Plant City, Fl (home of the Strawberry Festival that happens every year around March). My family had relocated from my home state Of Connecticut in fact I am from New Haven Ct.In May of 1981 we arrived in Florida and I ended up graduating with a bunch of strangers. Music became my savoir in so many ways but I digress. I moved back home after my graduation and fell in love with O’Bryan. In fact I went out and brought the album Doin Alright which I believe I still own.This album dropped in April of 1982. Seeing him in that white suit and singing Still Water (Love) a remake of The Four Tops Classic blew me away. My friends and I danced to The Gigolo. Then on late Saturday morning we got another dose of him every week singing the theme song for Soul train from 1983-1987 Soul Train’s A Comin’. My favorite song on Doin’ Alright is the title cut. Everyone can relate to hard times and paying your dues and having that one love who hug in there with you when everyone else left. I did not have a man at the time but I related to the rest of it. It was inspirational to me. Even now when I hear the song going through trials and tribulations like we all do this song gives me hope and it causes me to realize that my family and I are really doin alright. Then in 1983 March to be exact the album You and I hit the streets and again he had us captivated by the title track and shaking our rumps to I’m Freaky. In May of 1984 came Lovelite and there were two versions of this video. The full version which showed nudity and then the clean version we saw on T.V which was edited a lot.Lady I Love you was the slow jam on this album. In December of 1986 O’Bryan and Capital records were in negotiations and they released Surrender with the songs Tenderoni, Maria, and Is This For Real. I don’t think they backed it like they should have but I do remember Tenderoni. The other songs I kind of remember too. Then suddenly we did not hear anymore from O’Bryan leaving his fans wondering what happened. Well I am sure he was still touring overseas and took the much needed break from the business to figure out which way he should go with his career. He was even probably writing for other people who knows but any way he came back. He came back in 2007. His valentines Day release of his Independent CD F1rst which was also on his own label hit the airwaves. On this CD the songs Just Like Doin’ It and Can I Kiss Your Lips and my favorite Man Overboard shows his romantic and mature side. He can still set the mood for a night of passion with that certain someone in your life. obryanrecent

O’Bryan has been through his ups and downs like any musician who has been in this music business for 30 plus years. He is showing no signs of slowing down but he is building momentum so that the world will not only remember him for his past successes but his current ones. He was a great artist then,and he is an outstanding talent now and there certainly more in store for us way beyond what we can imagine. If you would like to know more about O’Bryan you can go to his website http://www.obryanburnette.com/#top and if you want to check out his music go to his sound cloud page https://soundcloud.com/obryanburnette. He also likes to hear from his fans so please leave him a message on his web page. Just like O’Bryan I like hearing from you guys as well so please leave a message and let me know who else you want me to write about. With that said thank you for reading and in parting I am leaving you the link below a song called Lady I Love You by O’Bryan enjoy., as always the Metronome Theorist.

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