Nuroksol A Blast From The Past

Nuroksol 2012 Nuroksol 2012[all media printed and audio belongs to Nuroksol)

I wrote this article on June 16,2012 at 2:22 pm in the afternoon. This was one of my first interviews I did for the first carnation of my site The Metronome Theory. I was able to find it please enjoy my blast from the past.

This Is Nuroksol
The Artist we are profiling here is one of my favorite Indy rock bands. These guys represent Michigan very well. I present to you five guys that will truly rock your world and put a little funk in your stride. I give you : Marlow,Ant,Chef,Randy and J Freeze aka Nuroksol. When you hear this band you will be reminded of Lenny Kravitz, Living Colour, and Kings X. With melodious harmonies they will steal your heart, their music will lift your soul. Marlow’s vocals are very seductive. When you listen to what he is saying in the song “I Know A Girl” you feel the emotion in what he is putting down. I have known about these guys since Chef’s Funkilinium days.I must admit it has been a minuet since I listened to them. I feel blessed and honored to have the opportunity to become reacquainted with them and to call these fellows my friends.The band has gone through changes.The challenges they have faced did not prevent them from moving forward in their music. Just like fine wine these guys have gotten better with time. I recently checked out some of their You Tube footage , showcasing their live shows and all I can say is be ready to be entertained. Their music won’t let you deny their rhythmic, sexy, charismatic sound. It is like the minuet the first note is played it grips you and won’t let you go until the final drum beat is played. Chef is a monster on the drums that’s all I am saying about him. Ant’s guitar playing is orgasmic, Randy’s bass is truly to what the bottom is all about and J Freeze makes you want to dance to his hypnotizing guitar riffs. This band is what the flavor of Rock and Rhythm is all about. I highly recommend that if you have not peeped these guys out you can find them on You Tube, My Space and if you live in the Flint, Detroit, Ann Arbor areas of Michigan please go see them you will be glad you did.

Nuroksol Interview
Interview with Nuroksol. My interview with JFreeze ,Ant and Chef was amazing not only did they answer my questions they made me feel so comfortable. These guys are so humble this is how our conversation went.

For the sake of time even though all the guys gave individual answers I decided to give their answers as a whole group effort(I combined their thoughts into one group thought here are the highlights of a great time)

MT: Thank you for taking time out to be interviewed by me for my site The Metronome Theory. Would You like to introduce yourselves and tell us what instrument you play?


JFreeze:I play rhythm guitar.

Chef:I play Drums

Anthony:I play guitar

MT:How long has Nuroksol been together?

Nuroksol:We have been together a long time.

MT: How would you describe your sound?

Nuroksol: We are rock mixed with a little R&B, Gospel,Jazz, Funk.

MT: Does the band every play cover songs?

Nuroksol: No because once you play cover songs you get locked into playing them so we do our own songs

MT:Who writes most of your songs?

Nuroksol: We are blessed to work in a band where we are all equally creative enough to write songs and contribute to the process of making the music .

Mt: What inspires you to write?

Nuroksol: Anything, for instance I was walking down the street and I passed this lady in a car and she locked her door. I wasn’t paying her any attention and that inspired the song U Can’t. You can be inspired by the smell of perfume, getting up in the morning,anything can be inspiring.

MT: What made you decide to play rock music?

Nuroksol: why not? Rock music to us is therapeputic, we grow up listening to rock and that was what was around us, historically we are playing what really belonged to us.

MT: You are right because I wrote a blog on my website on the influence of African American musicians in the genre of rock music.

MT: Who are you listening to in your Ipod?

Nuroksol: We are listening to a very eclectic set of music from rock to rap, it also depends on our mood and what kind of day we are having.

MT: Do you feel like rock stars?

Nuroksol: No we are just regular guys that love to play music together we are just having fun.

MT: When someone compliments you on your show how does that make you feel?

Nuroksol: It is cool but we sometimes can’t believe it that people think we are that great. In our minds we just do out best. We actually say a prayer before each show asking God to help us put on a great show and that what we do will make our fans feel better than they did when they came to the show.

MT: well you guys are doing that because you really give the people a show. I can’t wait to come and see you guys live.

MT: Is there anything else you guys have to say to MT?

Nuroksol: Yes we are finishing up our new Cd Called People it will be available this summer.

MT: I could go on forever with this interview and talking with these guys, They are the most humble awesome guys you every want to meet. I am proud to add them to my personal set of friends. I wish them well with all they do. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Nuroksol.

Marlow The Entertainer aka The Lead Singer of Nuroksol

I interviewed Marlow separately because he was not available the day I did the group. He is very much a team player with his fellow band mates in the group Nuroksol. The interview I am posting is a very interesting one. We had a three hour conversation that was really off the chain for me. I loved it and had fun. He even humored my daughter who has developed a crush on him because he sang to her. What a really cool guy. So here is how it went.

Hello music fans this is your friend in music the Metronome Theorist and I want to introduce to you the lead singer of the band Nuroksol. He is such a cool guy just like his fellow band mates very humble and thankful for the opportunities to perform. He is a fellow music head like me. He just has this passion for music and you can tell when he performs with the band. When Marlow vocalizes he puts his whole heart and soul into it. He draws you in with his voice. He really captures your attention. No matter the story line of the song the way he tells the story you can’t help but be there with him and connect to the emotion of it. He is my favorite Indy artists and the interview was successful.
MT: How long have you been singing?

Marlow: I have been singing for about 20-25 years. I started singing in church. When I was in Jr high school I was singing in the choir. I have always had a fear of the stage. Being the center of attraction. It’s funny I say that because I had a fear of being the center of attraction but I love being the center of attraction. If the opportunity would ever come up for me to take the lead I probably would not have always taken it. I began singing with my school choir in 7th and 8th grade. In the 8th grade we went to this summer singing camp. Basically what they taught us was to read music, write music and train our vocal chords. There was this one instructor who told me I had such a beautiful voice and that she wanted me to sing lead on this song I said no just put me in the background. I always had this fear of the stage. The funny thing that got me out of that fear was karaoke. It was a bet. A really stupid bet. My friends bet $10 and all of my drinks for the rest of the night that I would not do it. I knew I could sing but I just felt funny about everyone looking at me. So the song that i did was Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. It went over real well. The next thing I knew the girl was saying Let’s bring Marlow back up here. I didn’t expect it but I got up and did it. I already had a song in mind just in case. I got real excited about the rush I got from the applause I got. I performed a song by Men At Work called Who Could It Be Now? That is pretty much how it started. I just love to sing. I just love music. I wish there was a way I can have it with me all the time.

MT: Wow you are a fellow freak about music like I am. When I talk to people about music they think I am a musician but I am not. I just love music. I gotta have music all the time I even sleep to music. My mom used to protest to me doing that by telling me I am not getting my proper sleep with all that music but I have been doing that ever since I was a teenager.

Marlow: Really? I kind of thought you were a musician too.

MT: No , Let me tell you my musical background. I used to sing in chorus ever since I was in the 3rd or 4th grade. I sang all through school except for one grade because I went to a school one yr that did not have a music program. So even in my senior year in high school, I sang. I got really heavy into music. I was always been drawn to those who sang and wrote music. I have such a eclectic taste in music that I listen to music from all over the world.

Marlow: I listen to a lot of stuff also. I used to do some recording for a Native American band. They used to come down to my studio and they wanted me to record them singing their music so that they would have something to listen to.

MT: With Nuroksol. You guys are so awesome. You should be world famous. Your band is one of the few bands that care about content and make it sound great. You guy don’t use sex and drugs to make your band what it is. When it comes to music, I become very opinionated. I know you have the First Amendment and you are allowed to do what ever but at the end of the day, as an artist, you have to be responsible for what you put out.

Marlow: I agree with that. When doing a family show, we try to be careful and keep it as clean and family oriented as possible. We try to be mindful of who are at our shows.

Marlow and I go on and talk about other aspects of music and the realities of life and this is what he had to say.

Marlow: I was raised by my mom who taught me about the realities of life. I love performing with the band and all but it doesn’t pay all the bills. I wish it did but when you have responsibilities and a spouse like I do we still have to eat and live so I have to work. That’s reality. Trying to balance all that I do is really hard.

MT: It is good to know that you have that support from your family and friends because that is important to an artist. When I was married to my bass player I was his number one fan I gave feed back and everything. I always wanted him to do more musically and he knew that and even now we are still friends and I still want him to do more musically but he won’t. watching him play music at a gig was fun because I would watch the women swoon over him that was funny to me.

Marlow: My wife thinks they are funny too.

I then went into how I think swooning is still funny to me and then I asked Marlow this:

MT: Were there any embarrassing moments during a performance?

Marlow: Yes, While I am singing and I see someone and get caught up in the moment and I zone out and forget words and blah blah until I get to a part that I know like the chorus then I am like yeah the chorus but we are not perfect we all make mistakes and we go on. I had a scary moment during a performance on these speakers that you could walk on and there was a foot gap between that and the drop I almost fell and I was able to catch myself and go on without missing a beat.

MT: What inspired you to sing rock?

Marlow: The song Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield. Also listening to different bands like Living Colour my influence was very diverse and I found it amazing to see how musicians can take what some people call noise and make it very melodic.We look forward to seeing more of your extraordinary talent.

Marlow and I discover we have similar backgrounds. Marlow talks more about his experiences in music and how he loves to sing. In parting words Marlow wants everyone to be their best and do their best in all that they do. I want to thank Marlow for this interview because that 3 hour conversation was truly awesome.

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