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Micki Free is a dedicated guitarist with a heart of gold loyal to his friends and is passionate about the plight of Native Americans and Native American Musicians and Artists. He has started programs in conjunction with the Hard Rock Cafe Brand to showcase Native American talent. Not only did they tour the country, but they also sell merchandise with his logo supporting this cause. He also has done free concerts and given speeches to encourage the Native American youth to follow their dreams without using drugs. He does this by using their talent to encourage them to stay off drugs and to let their education be their main focus to become successful.
To say he is a musical legend or Icon is not enough to describe this man. To say he is a philanthropist is not enough to even say about this man. I would say he is a Rocker with a heart. I would even go as far as saying he is a role model. Yes, you have seen it here first folks me saying that a rock and roll artist is a role model. If you have read any of my blogs or articles I have not called any of the people I have written about a role model. I know he is imperfect and has probably done some things but this man is a champion for Native Americans. He speaks out against them living on reservations in deep poverty where just outside the area of where these people live there are 5 liquor stores. You see our Native American brothers and sisters living worse than some people in a third world country. You see children in tattered clothing not having enough to eat. The educational system is not adequately preparing children to live outside the reservation. Some people seem to think these human beings receive a big government check to live in these poverty ridden places but they are not. This is no way of living, just disparity for Native Americans living on a government owned reservation. It is worst than living in some urban areas where there are public housing projects. To bring this out in public and to encourage public awareness that this is how some people live in America should make you mad and want to help. Help them directly not through some charity because the people in need don’t get the money the machine running the charity gets the money. This is the kind of man Micki Free is. He is more than just a musician he is a man who cares deeply about his fellow man. A humanitarian if you will. This blog is not just about glamorizing a rock star it is about showing a human side to the musician you thought you knew. He is also a family man, so being a great example is very important to him on a lot of levels.
Micki’s music also tells the story of his experience in the music industry. He has been blessed to meet some very interesting people, and it all started when he was a boy. He was raised in Europe because his stepfather was in the military. It was because of his father’s friend that got him and his older sister a pair of tickets to see Jimi Hendrix while they lived in Germany. He was about 12 years old and he remembers Jimi saying this song is dedicated to the woman in the pink panties and he played Foxy Lady. That was when Micki decided he wanted to be like Jimi Hendrix. When he was a teenager, his family moved back to the states to the mid-west. That was where he had his first band called Smokehouse. It just so happened that the bands’ manager was a booking agent and he booked a concert featuring Kiss,and at the ripe old age of 17 years old his band was the opening act for this mega show featuring Kiss. Gene Simmons happen to see this young man and told him he was going to be a star and if he was ever in LA to look him up. Well in 1979 Micki did that and the rest is history. He joined Shalamar when Jodi and Jefferey left. He won a grammy with Shalamar and one of my favorite comedians did a sketch called Micki Free is not a Girl. I am talking about none other than Dave Chappelle. I personally never thought of Micki Free as a girl because of his good looks. I claimed him as my imaginary husband with his fine sexy self. I have since just become an admirer of his skill as a musician he plays guitar and the native American Flute and he is just an all around great guy. His collaborations are legendary. The song he did with Jean Beavouir The Album American Trash is one of my favorites to date. He has worked with so many people I would be writing from now until doomsday. So I will place a link to his website so that you can read for yourself all of his musical accomplishments and awards and honors etc. What else can I say about this rock blues guitarist? He is truly a one in a million kind of guy. He is just a spark in a sea of fine musicians that keep us all rockin and I hope he continues to do so. This is my favorite part of my blog if you want to know more about this almost member of the group Mazarati here is a link to his website.http://mickifree.com/
here is some video to show this man’s versatility

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