Mazarati Revisited : And The Beat Goes On…..


Picture this: Prince, in the 1980s, has established his music as the Minneapolis sound. He is now looking for bands to be a part of his musical empire. He is looking for a funky, soulful new wave band that will keep the people dancing. He is doing a mad search. He has asked Micki Free and several others to be part of this band he calls Mazarati. Then he finally settles on Tony Christian rhythm guitar, Sir Casey Terry lead vocal, Jerome Cox bass guitar, Marvin Gunn keyboard, Aaron PaulKeith keyboard, Kevin Patrick drums and Craig Powell lead guitar. This seven-member band would leave a lasting impression on their fans. Then suddenly just as quickly as they appeared they disappeared leaving admirers like myself feeling lost and confused wondering what happened after only one album. All I will say at this point is musical politics reared its ugly head and created an environment that was not conducive to anyone at that time but the powers that be sure benefitted. Members were leaving and a second album was released but not in the USA and there were two lead singers now just so that you the public can get an idea of what was going on it truly was not cool. Mazarati was suddenly over. So what were these guys going to do? Marvin Gunn went into acting and doing his own music and moved his base to Arizona. He also began doing voice-overs and modeling as well as working on a local Arizona sketch comedy program similar to Second City and Saturday Night Live. He also has many business endeavors and he has a Bob Marley tribute band that does an event every year. You can check all of this out on his website One Gunn Entertainment
Let’s move forward here we are in 2012 and I was deciding on how I wanted to do my music blog and I was telling my brother about it. He loved the idea because he said nobody else was doing what I was planning to do at the angle I am. I give the artists a more human profile not so much glamorizing them. It was May of this year that I sent an email to Marvin Gunn and I explained to him what I was doing. I must say I was not expecting to hear from him at all. He was the first major musician I had ever contacted. I was also going to have major surgery that same month. I went to have pre-op procedures done and I had gotten a message one on my cellphone and the other on my house phone. When I got out of pre-op I went home and I was listening to messages when I heard it was Marvin Gunn I about passed out. I was screaming and my kids laughed at me.I immediately called him back and we talked briefly and he said I will call you back. This man has such a nice baritone voice it made me nervous for real not in an intimidating way but in a sensual kind of way. This was the beginning of our friendship. He kept me posted on things he was currently doing. He then several weeks later told me that Mazarati was on the way back I was so excited. He told me that Craig Powell aka Screamer and Bruce DeShazer aka Tony Christian were going to be part of the new line-up. He also told me that they changed the name of the band to Mazarati Revisited. The members of Mazarati Revisited are Marvin Gunn aka One Gunn keyboards and lead vocals, Craig Powell aka Screamer on lead guitar, Tony Christain lead vocals and rhythm guitar,Morris Hayes keyboards and Brown Mark vocals and bass. Here is a link to their website so you can see for yourself what they have been doing

Tony Christain also after the original Mazarati has also been doing his own music. Here is his video We The People courtesy of YouTube

Craig Powell also did his own music with his band called Screamer’s Addiction here is his link from Reverbnation screamer Powell and here is Craig Powell in action

These talented men have shown that neither music powers that be or time will keep them from doing what they love that is to play music. Mazarati Revisited and all their other musical endeavours show us all that with them the beat will go on. This is my favorite part of my blog I get to share more information You have some already in this article but yes there is more.

Now to leave you all with a little Mazarati Classic Video

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