Marcia Carr: Dj Extraordinaire and More




Hello, Metronome Theory fans. It is 2017 and we are certainly getting more interesting articles for you to indulge in. The first one out of the gate is a new friend of mine, in fact, I call her my Soul Sistah from across the big pond.  She really is our lives professionally and personally, has mirrored each other.  Our experiences are either very similar or the same. Her name is Marcia Carr and she is an extraordinary DJ. She is a female with passion that takes what she does on her wheels of steel seriously.  Her journey is very interesting. Like me, she is a single mom. I say this because, we as women of a certain age have come to learn a lot of things and we take pride and putting important. If a man should happen to come along its all good and if not we continue to live our lives as full as we can. Faith is number one. We both know that if we did not have it, did not work on making positive changes, enlightened ourselves on what is real and what is not, we would not be the fun loving people some of you have come to know.  She has found that not only having a great spiritual foundation, everything else seems to fall into place. However, it helps you to work with lots of different people no matter what their opinions and feelings are. Marcia has been an instructor for budding radio announcers. She has been a music journalist for two popular magazines in the UK. She was a street dancer and she currently hosts an event for female DJs called “Girlz B Like.” It’s a celebration of and for female DJs.  She not only does events all over the world but she also does a set on the UK’s number one soul station “Mi-Soul.”  This busy mom has to work like many of us in order to pay the bills.  All of this began when her family lived briefly in the US.  At the age of six, Marcia discovered one of my favorite shows: Soul Train.  Her love for music and dance did not diminish, even when she moved back to the UK.  It was a relative of hers that made frequent trips to New York City and would send back or bring back the latest sounds.  When Marcia became a teenager, she saw boys Djaying and mixing records.  She said to herself: ‘I can do that.’ And she did. She performed at her first party and the rest is history.  She was a young adult taking a class in radio announcing, though she had experience doing so on a college station. When she finished, she was offered a position at her school to teach a class. She did that for a year.  She also became a music journalist for two popular music magazines like I mentioned earlier. This came about during a conversation with some friends. She stated her opinions about some music and they told her she should write into the magazines. “Touch Magazine” loved what she said so much that they printed her comments and offered her a job.  She became a person in the know within the music scene. This led to an article about a band called Pride and Politix and a lifelong friendship between her and the front man. Who knew many years later I would connect and write about Colonel Redz.  He connected me to Marcia; an awesome lady with spirit.   Despite the ups and downs of life this dynamic Dj finds pleasure in bringing people together on the dance floor and tantalizing them with her musical delights. Like a mixologist, she mixes sound and musical concoctions to stimulate the mind, body, and soul. This is her gift of love to the world.  Similarly, just like my Soul Sistah,  I give you the chance to learn about artists like her to broaden your musical horizons so that you can see that when you listen to her she’s more than extraordinary she is truly passionate about what she does and it’s all done in love.

Now for my favorite part, I get to share links to where you can learn more about Ms. Carr. Enjoy everyone.


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