Louis Johnson One of the Funkiest Who Ever Done it.

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How can I start. We have lost some great musicians this week of May 21,2015. Louis Johnson at age 60 was a shocker because it was totally unexpected. I don’t recall hearing of him being sick or anything in the news about his health all was quiet. Then we get this news and I am taken back to a time when I was a teenager and I first heard Louis Johnson and his brother George. I remember thinking that how could two people from the same family be so good looking and talented. This was the reaction I got seeing them on Soul Train and American Bandstand. I was mesmerized by his technique and the sound he made the bass make. I have seen concert footage and to see this man go into bass beast mode is a sight to see. He really showed the bass no mercy and when he began to slap the bass he turned it out. He made the bass surrender to what ever whim he had and it showed in his playing and I am sure his students will agree. I have the pleasure of knowing one of his admirers I met him when he was with a local rock and hailing from the Detroit Michigan part of our state his name is Randy Martin he is the bass player with a rock band called Stereo Jane. When you hear Randy play you can close your eyes and hear Louis Johnson’s influence in his style of musicianship.I am a huge fan of the bass player I just love that bottom they bring and Louis Johnson was the first one to ever touch me deeply with his technique. He will be truly missed but his music and what he brought to the music industry will live on forever.

Here is a link to a 1976 performance from the Midnight Special program of the brother’s Johnson performing their hits Strawberry Letter 23 and I’ll Be Good To You.



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