Ladies and Gentlemen I Present To You The Incomparable Adam Falcon AKA Rock Icon

(I Don’t Own This Song it is called Goin Back For More.or any of the Photos and videos used by permission from Adam Falcon)



Adam Falcon is more than a musician he is a renaissance man that can play many genres of music and he can sing.
He is also a songwriter and producer and has the power to do many magical things in the studio. He has worked with many people in the music industry and he has the battle scars to prove his prowess as a professional in an industry that he loves. It has taken him many years as a studio musician and a touring musician aka sideman as he called it to find his true musical voice. Adam’s diversity comes from his experience working with other people such as Whitney Houston, Phylis Hyman, George Benson and many others. He has this way of musically taking you on a magical mystical tour through the Mississippi Delta to the tropics and any other place he cares to take you. Let me give you some of my experiences with him. If you close your eyes and listen to his song Domino you can see yourself on a tropical island riding a bike and going off the beaten path to see how the people live and get the full experience of your vacation. When I heard the song Woke Up Crying it took me to the place where my long lost friend Sandra and I used to dream of what our lives would be like after we graduated from high school. In fact, we used to dream about having a talk show or doing something with musicians such as what I am doing now with this blog. She and I were supposed to do this together. I miss her. Adam also has a very sultry sexy side you can get a taste of his sensuality from the song Goin Back For More. He takes you on such a wonderful musical journey that trying to label him is a mistake. He can take you anywhere with his musical stylings and it is never a dull moment it is very uninhibited and wild , calm , uplifting fun and full of spine-tingling excitement. When I decided to write about this extraordinary man I did not know what to expect. His humble demeanor and casual sense of himself made me feel warm all over and after our conversation, I felt that I had made a new life long friend. There is so much more to this gentleman I personally don’t think there are enough words in the English language to describe his music or persona all I can say is you better buckle up for a very exotic and different ride. You will be extra happy that you did. Now for those of you who know me you know, I love leaving you information about the artists I write about so here we go . If you want to check out Adam Falcon you can go to his website and you can also check him out on facebook and he is also available on Linkdin and youtube. Speaking of Youtube here is a video for your viewing pleasure so you can see this absolutely magnificent artist in action he really is a renaissance man.
The video below is called Like A Soldier.

If you like that one here is another. I just love this guy. This video is called Woke Up Crying

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