Jerome Robinson Bassist Florida’s Own Virtuoso With Flair

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Every now and then I have to go back to the past and find gems that I have not listened to in a while just to unwind or heal my heart from some experience that I care not to ever recall let alone remember. I found this gem however for a very different reason. It was because of nostalgia I was cruising on my Linkedin account one day and stumbled across this familiar face and name a blast from my cyber past. I sent him a message and we began communicating again. It was wonderful reconnecting with friends.I wrote about one of my favorite bass players Doug Wimbish and I called him the sound bender. I want you to meet a real innovator of sound not that Doug isn’t an innovator but I actually know this person. His name is Jerome Robinson. Like Doug Wimbush he is from the northeast, in fact, Jerome is a Florida Transplant like I am. He is from New York and relocated in 1981. He began playing bass at the age of 17. He is also a keyboard player. He played in a band with a young man by the name of Rico in New York. We all know who this influential bass player is. His name is Flava Flav. Jerome credits him with encouraging him to play the bass. What is special about Jerome and you will see as I continue to talk about this great talented human being is the fact that he came from a musical family and that all of his influences are guitar players, not bassists. He likes bass players but what makes him feel the high energy when he plays are people like Eddie Van Halen. He is a very versatile instrumentalist because he can play bass with his band called Evil Monkey this is a rock band. In fact, you will see in a bit why I call him innovative and a sound bender like Doug Wimbish. When he is working on his own music he plays Jazz . There is so much to this man musically and as a person. He is definitely one who should be on the world stage. He is currently an indy artist and he touched on a little bit about how indy artists survive. A lot of them including himself have to work other jobs and be available to play music. That’s the reality. The life of a musician is not glamorous. You are either a slave to the record label and you lose your identity Prince had to fight for his musical rights or you become an indy artist and you work hard at another profession or job to take care of your family and you play gigs on the weekend for not a lot of money. You handle your own social media, your own publicity, write the music, record the music ,and put out the music and you approach the clubs or the event planners about allowing you to play. It’s a lot of work and you have to really have the love and support of your significant other and you have to love what you do. I can honestly say Jerome has it all. He has the love of his wife of three years and he says when he met her that’s when he came back to life musically. I can imagine she feels the same way about him and is filled with pride whenever she sees him perform. He has played all over the state of Florida and he loves what he does you can tell when you listen to him. I am glad in fact I am honored to be able to write about the greatness and brilliants of others. Jerome may not agree but I say he is a sound bender just like Doug Wimbish and I would love to see the two of them play together one day. Jerome is truly a gem, in fact, he is a star and you all need to check him out with his band Evil Monkey and listen to the jazz styling of this incredible artist. I am glad to call him my friend and I look forward to seeing him do what he does with a drill and his bass live. This is my favorite part of the blog where I get to share what I love about this dynamic individual. I mentioned his bass and a drill you have to check this out you may want to turn your speakers down a little it is powerfully awesome.

He also has been playing a version of the Jimi Hendrix song Voodoo Child on bass. Amazing…..

He also played with a metal band called Wrecked Overture enjoy….

And now for the links, you can find out more about this hardworking amazing bass player on the following sites

He also has a Spotify and Reverbnation page.

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