Introducing Morris Mills Is he a Rocker or soul-man or is he just Purple?

Morris Mills Profile Pic(this song called U Turn Me on2 and the photographs are owned by Mr. Morris Mills and are being used with his permission)

Morris Mills is a world-class musician destined for greatness. How do I know this? All you have to do is listen to his digital CD “Purple”. It in itself is an ambitious undertaking because it is a double digital CD musical project. A rarity like this has not happened since 1996. If my memory serves me right, Janet Jackson was that artist.I am doing this blog a little bit different because Morris Mills had me do his liner notes and I have written some things there you all need to see. This however is a critique of “Purple” and maybe even a little bit of a fan letter at the same time. The first thing I need to tell you all about is the fact that he reminds me of Prince.You need to check out the song “Purple” which is the title tract. I love this song and it is a very fitting tribute to his friend Prince. It is haunting and soul stirring and as one of my friends said, so eloquently she had to “close her eyes because it was as if Prince was doing his own heart felt tribute”. This song is a tear jerker and will shake you to your very core as you flash back to where you were and who you were with when you got the news that Prince Rogers Nelson had died. I had to admit those feelings of disbelief and sadness came flooding back and I had to thank Morris for letting his music show the world how we all felt. Morris is a very well established artist. His guitar playing is hypnotic and he does things with his vocals that Prince did not do. He is a story teller and the pied piper at the same time, because listening to his music allows him to seep into you and you find yourself following him everywhere he goes on this magical mystical tour of his. I am very serious about my music especially if an artist decides to take on a remake or play another persons music and does it his way while paying honor to that performer. I want you, the reader, to sit back and check out this rendition of “Do Me Baby” by Prince performed by Morris Mills. He did this before Prince died but it is so right on time enjoy.

Another one of my very favorite songs on this album is called “Girl U Turn Me On”. I can actually see Dj’s and remix artists having fun with this song because it is already dance-able and fun. It puts you in that party mood and you escape back into a time when you went to the clubs and some guy was checking you out. You can almost hear a man saying these words to you as you both meet on the dance floor crossing a very crowded room. His song “God is Love” let’s you never forget that we are not alone no matter what is happening in our lives, and the guitar playing on this does what his vocals doesn’t because he takes you spiritually higher on this song and this is something that we need these days. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. “Disarm” is a song that was originally done by the Smashing Pumpkins and his rendition is spot on and it has that new wave rock feel to it. This musical Chameleon can not be boxed in because he can sing to you gently and soulfully in the song “Hello”. He can totally rock you out in “Jamie’s Girl” and have you on your knees as he finishes out the double cd venture with his rendition of “Purple Rain”. The many moods of an extraordinary musician can be found on this CD “Purple”.I thoroughly enjoyed this CD so much, and I give it a 10/10. Would listen again multiple times in its entirety. And I really hope you all enjoy it as much as I do and here is how to get it just click on the link. I can not ssay enough abut my friend Morris Mills. He is One in a million and I am very proud to share this musical gem with you all. I would say he is beyond Purple he is truly out of this world.Now you all know the drill if you want to know more check out these links below.
I will now leave you my sweets with a video called Hello from the sexy one himself Morris Mills

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