From Mintcondition to Nuroksol aka How I fell in love with the Detroit Music Scene

mq1.jpgnuroksol 2012

I do not own this song it is the title track from the group Nuroksol Colours In The Sky.

I want to take you back……. back into time when I was program director PRN for a friend of mine that I met online. We had never met personally but we associated on line for many years. I had become a great admirer of his and he always said he loved me for my musical mind. In fact it was kind of funny to me that people thought we were cyber dating or we were together on some personal level but we never were just cyber friends. He worked in the medical field by day but I would find out that he was also a musician in fact he plays bass guitar and he is a fabulous Djay and that was how we met. I can’t remember the year but it was during one of our live chat sessions and I was saying how much I missed Mintcondtion. They did the one CD and then there was no more. This was before Luxury Brown by Mintcondition came out in fact a couple of years before. My friend Djay Mikey said Kathy I have a surprise for you. I found a group for you that sounds like Mintcondition and I think you will like this band. Well I was excited because I was really needing to hear from Mintcondition. This band helped me get through my divorce from the love of my life at the time and I was having a hard time dealing with my marriage failing and stressing about how me and my son was going to make it. So the songs from the CD From The Mint factory and many others after that helped me to heal my heart and my inner self. So not having Mintcondition was a big deal to me. Well the following Sunday he presented this band called Funkilinuim from Michigan. untitled.pngfunkilinium I heard Booty Earthquake.(I do not own this song it is owned and performed by Funkilinuim) The bass line got me first then how they performed the song got me next and I did hear similarities to Mintcondition. I was introduced to GT a wonderful bass player. He then later after we had been talking for a while told me about some other projects he had been working with one in particular was a rock band called Nuroksol. I began talking to various members overtime but one stuck out his name was Ant. We lost contact until 2011 some how we got reacquainted. It was my friendship with Ant that got me a little more acquainted with musicians from different parts of Michigan and he helped me get a little more acquainted with Dennis Diamond guitarist from New York. Fast Forward to 2011-2012 I have became a fan of Nuroksol and they have helped me get through dealing with my dad’s health issues and the passing of my biological dad in 2011. They even sent me flowers when I had major surgery and granted me two interviews when I was first trying to start this website a couple of years ago. I love their album Colours in the Sky. I missed these fellas a lot I can’t wait for their musical return and this is my musical journey from Mintcondition to Nuroksol the trip is not over I suspect their will be more exciting musical adventures in the future. I have to truly say that all the men mentioned in this blog have been the coolest guys I have come to know and they are not the only ones in the state of Michigan that deserve a standing ovation our gratitude and thanks for sharing their gifts with us the music loving public. Stay tuned when I add more to this blog of some of my real life musical encounters you will love it. Thanks for supporting my blog and check out the Michigan music scene you will not be disappointed.

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