Elroy “Spoon Face” Powell: UK’s Own Triple Threat


The old expression, “Birds of a feather flock together”, is how I will describe the relationship between Elroy “Spoon Face” Powell and Colonel Red. It was through Redz that I was introduced to Spoons. This Intelligent, Articulate, Magnificent man is a triple threat in the truest form of the phrase. He is a singer with a voice that will give you the tingles as my 17-year-old daughter says. He has a vocal style comparable to Barry White, in fact, he had a number one song on the music charts internationally and in the UK for his rendition of the song, You See the Trouble With Me (Black Legend). This song was originally from the Barry White Album Let The Music Play. Spoons were only in his 20’s when he hit number 1 on the music charts and was touring and enjoying life as a successful singer.  He was riding high then suddenly the tides with his record label began to shift and his music career began to wane, because he was trying to explain and go a different direction musically and the label, as usual, was not having that. Spoons had to tap into his reserve of skills and discovered that he had the knack for business. In fact whenever he decides to do a task, he likes to be challenged. So he not only learned about the music business, but he came up with his own social networking business called Diverse Music Solutions or DMS. This is a dynamic organization that assists new emerging artists with music publishing opportunities and they also run community focused projects.  He mentors and goes to schools and he speaks from his experience in the music business and shows these students and emerging artists the realities of the music business.  He also came to the realization that he can also act and write scripts and even direct a series. His Webisode called Forbidden Truth – BLACK GENESIS is proof of this talent as well. The Series is a fictional drama exploring the daily lives of diverse London communities brought together by their local environment. His other acting credits include being in Star Wars 7 and Now You See It.

Spoons believe that as an artist, your work should be purposeful and reflect who you really are and not just the status quo.  You should also ask yourself why you are doing a specific project and what does this project do for you besides put money in your bank account.  Your work should bring you happiness and you should be able to stand by your work knowing that you accomplished much with it. His feelings in life are just as profound.  He feels like in life you need to be able to give back and not just take. You should be able to do things in your community without being political or religious about it.  You should also do things in your career so that it can continue to sustain you.  Believing in yourself, finding what your niche is, and knowing what to do to avoid the traps that can pull you out of your purpose and find balance in your career and life are really important  in being successful and knowing what your limitations are.  Having a support system is also key. He credits his vocal teacher and mentor Lisa Millett for nurturing his singing ability as well as his mom for helping to keep him grounded. Our conversation was enlightening and gave insight about a man who is truly a triple threat.  Maybe he’s more than a triple threat, because we will definitely have more coming from him creatively in the near future.



Now for my favorite part as always. I get to share with you where to find more information about this multi-tasking talented man who I am now honored to call him my friend.

Music Solutions .org, :http://musicsolutions.org.uk

Twitter/Instagram: @spoonface1

Free Slide Share: 5 things for emerging talent to consider:http://bit.ly/dmsotr1

More About DMS:http://bit.ly/dmsmb1a

Personal Website:http://spoonface.net

Forbidden Truth Links: Webisode 1,2 and 3.




password for Forbidden Truth videos:

Password – ftsuccess1


I also like to let you experience his vocals by leaving you with his video of the song You See the Trouble With Me (Black Legend). Enjoy.


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