Doug Wimbish: The Sound Bender

Doug Wimbish's Ampsthe song featured on this page is a composition by Doug Wimbish called Swirl. I do not own the song.

I was in my room thinking about who else I could write about on this site. It has been a while since I posted anything and I was feeling a little concerned about that. I started listening to some Living Colour because I needed my spirit to rock out a little bit. A lot has been going on in my life and I feel a transition coming on. I then began to focus on the bass player in the group as I always do. I saw him Doug Wimbish. I wanted to know more because I actually feel that he is a very attractive and different kind of man. I found myself beginning to be drawn to him. So I looked him up on Facebook I am now friends with him. I have even admitted to him being my musical crush. There is something about him I can’t explain it. I don’t know what his status is. I don’t know if he is married, engaged, lives an alternative life style with a significant other or if he is a man that loves being single. I don’t know how he feels about women. You may ask if it matters. In some instance yes and in another no, I am not trying to offend him or whoever he is involved with on a personal level but I am drawn to him on several different levels. The main reason that inspired my research is that he made me go back to my younger days when my uncle Ray was educating me on different musical geniuses of our time. My uncle Ray loves jazz and my first encounter with a bassist of this caliber was Stanley Clarke. I had to be around 12 or 13 years old when I first heard this man make a bass sound like anything other than a bass. I was fascinated. When I saw Mr. Clarke on television I saw he had several bass guitars with him. He made them all sound different. It wasn’t just the bottom or the thump of the bass keeping time with the drummer there were times when it sounded like a regular guitar. Then there were times when it sounded like other instruments and I thought that was the most amazing display of instrumentation I had ever seen or heard. I was mesmerized by his style and I said to my uncle he is sure making that bass talk. My uncle just smiled and said yes he is Katie. I never forgot that and when I listen to or see video of Doug Wimbish he takes me there. He is a sound bender. He creates colors and blends that fit right with whomever he is playing with. Even when he plays his own music the effects and sounds and rhythms and the intricate webs he weaves and designs comes through his gift of sharing what he loves. You can see it on his face. The minute the bass is in his hands it is like he transforms into this romantic loving caring man and he plays the bass like he is making love to a beautiful woman. You can’t help but feel the intensity and passion in his playing. It’s like he is pouring everything inside of himself into the composition he is translating for all of us to hear. His bass playing is emotional and it brings out the pure essence of what he does. When he finishes he knows he has pleased the crowd well when you see that award winning smile of his. He has satisfied our musical desire with such expertise that it leaves you breathless. He is a bass player that I have to admit affects me on all levels. I have to agree with the man himself when he says that He is the effect. He truly is. Doug Wimbish is more than a master bassist he is a true sound bender. If you really want to get into the musical mind of Doug Wimbish check out his solo work one of my favorites is Bed wood from Trippy Notes For Bass. Then there is his live rendition of Quasimodo on you tube. His video Scary Man which is also on You Tube as well as many collaborations and tutorials for the bass player. You may also want to check out the cd Vivid a Living Colour Cd which he and the guys just celebrated the 25th anniversary of last year they did a tour and everything. If this is not enough you can go to his website and check out current and past projects and touring schedules and all things Doug Wimbish. That web address is Thanks for reading and Doug thanks for being the EFFECT!!!!!!

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