Detroit’s Own Eddie Blacktear Thomas

11651072_707723436005867_780275496_n.jpgeddie blacktearthomas

Detroit is a music mecca. I say this because some of m favorite Indy artists come from the state of Michigan. All genres to from Rock R&B to Hip Hop/Rap. Detroit is more than just the Motown Sound. I will be introducing you all to different artists from this area as well as from Minneapolis as well. I hope you will take the time to support and spread the word on these artists that represent this new generation of music and musicians. Now with out further adieu I give you the one and only Detroit’s Own Blacktear. He is a radio show host an emcee a military veteran and he wants you to give Detroit’s Hip Hop music scene your attention. He has gained the respect and admiration from local rappers as well as industry insiders. His lyricism and delivery will put you in a trans leaving you feeling like you have gone to the school of one of the greatest rappers around. You can see he has been influenced by the gurus of rap like TuPac and Heavy D and Common and the list goes on. His skills gives you chills and I encourage everyone to support this talent, this blessing from the Gods of rap hailing from Detroit.You can check out his talent on Facebook and on Tuesday night from 10pm-12 midnight EST you can catch his radio show where he will have special guests and hosts given us the 411 in hip hop today.
This dynamic and brilliantly talented artist is definitely on the rise with his charm and handsome good looks with intelligence to match. Ladies I’m just saying he is truly a winner and one to watch, With all his skill and good work ethic don’t be surprised when you see this rising artists at a theater near you and remember the Metronome Theorist told you all about him first.

11650553_707723572672520_980596834_n.jpgblack tear

and just to get tou started check him on on Reverbnation

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