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Detroit is becoming more and more a music mecca for many genres of music. They are especially expanding in the realm of rock music especially with bands that have predominately or all African American membership. This is a movement that is well deserving recognition. One such band that is making their mark is Blackmail. If you like bands like Bad Brains or Fish Bone you will love these guys. I have to get on my soap box for a moment so please bear with me. I for one am a huge fan of the band Living Color. I love Doug Wimbish as a bass player. I however can not stand when people describe rock bands that have members of color being said to sound like Living Color when the band clearly does not. Blackmail has their own distinct sound. They have the cutting edge guitar playing of Mike, then there is that funky driven bass by El, Doug is kicking up that back beat with his heart pounding drumming and last but not least the front man Mayaasa raw, edgy, powerful. Together these guys take you on a rock funk bluesy trip. I have been watching video of their performances since I am not fortunate enough to be in the Detroit area to see these guys live, but from what I have seen I was riveted to me seat. I could not keep my eyes off of them. My conversation with three of the members was just as entertaining to say the least. One of the things I can say that these guys have for each other is great brotherly love,respect and trust. That was said repeatedly by Mayaasa, El and Mike. I did not have the pleasure of speaking with Doug but I am sure he feels the same way. This is the formula of having a successful band. They also share the writing responsibility and they allow their front man to be himself. All of that comes through in their performance. What the audience is getting is pure no artificial ingredients or flavorings no falsehood at all. Pure musicianship. I highly recommend the EP that is available on CD called Sonic Rendezvous. You will be glad you did. Their music is suited for all situations for instance the song Blackmail is their introduction. It’s their calling card as you will. My favorite is Jealously it talks about how this powerful emotion is rotten to the bone and will have you acting like a fool. The world can take a way a lot from this band. Check out the video below Blackmail performing The Muse.

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