Deekah Wyatt of Roxolydian Rock Excellence Personified


Roxolydian is a rock band out of Detroit that I have really grown to love because it takes me back to a purer sound of music. Their music is open and honest and it strikes a chord that is connected to the past. I was a small child during the era of Janice Joplin and Jimi Hendrix( the rock God and Goddess of the 20th century). I had to become an adult to appreciate their sound and contribution to the genre of rock. Here in the year 2015 we have a band that seems to be bringing that back when music had substance. Deekah Wyatt is a rock Goddess. She hones her craft with the purity of Janice Joplin, Betty Davis (the muse behind Bitches Brew by Miles Davis). You can hear their influence. Her vocals remind me of Tracy Chapman and others with that folk/soulful style that lets the listener experience the story line of the song. I for one am very proud to see a strong woman of color not only write and put together a band with talented musicians that compliment her style. The line up of her band is as follows Deekah Wyatt- lead vocals & rhythm guitar Anter Blackbird – lead guitar Jonathane Leavell – bass and Eric Childress II – drums. Together they bring forth something that most music nowadays don’t have even in rock and that is truth and originality. I for one am also glad that this band is not compared to Living Color I just have an issue with that because like so many things in life everyone has their own message, style, story to tell in their unique way and I love that about this band. Deekah not only has this band but she also has put together a yearly festival called The Cosmic Slop. This multi talented mother, sister, musician is the pillar of strength that I admire. She surely shows that not only can she bring home the bacon and put it in a pan but she makes it and slices it up cures it and makes it her own. She is never compromised and you can see that in her appearance and in her guitar playing. She gives credit where credit is due and her band mates know that they are just as important to the chemistry and inner workings of Roxlydian. Their input their friendship the trust and mutual respect shines through. I am looking forward to my trip to Detroit so I can see this dynamic band play live. My conversation with Deekah was one of the best I have had and I learned a lot from a woman who is in the process of shutting down nay sayers. She stands up for us thick chicks every where and says we can be sexy without shame, we can be powerful, and speak our minds, and play rock music and be heard. I salute Deekah Wyatt and her band Roxolydian. I wish her all the success she can handle and then some. If you want to learn more about Roxolydian you can check them out on You can also check them out on facebook and if you want to know more about the Cosmic Slop Festival and to wet your appetite for some great rock music check out Deekah and her band Jammin.


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