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Don’t Stop the Music by Yarbrough and Peoples I don’t own the media.

I was inspired to write about dance music because of my 15 year old daughter. My children and I have a deep love for music and we sometimes like the same people. So one day we were in the car my daughter and I listening to Gainesville party station WXJB which used to be the smooth jazz station and one day they were gone. They were replaced by a station that plays nothing but club mixes and dance remixes of popular songs hence the reason they call themselves the party station. They were playing this song called Problem by Ariana Grande from the Nickelodeon show Victorious and Kat and Sam. She plays Kat. Any way I was listening to this song and then some other EDM (Electronic Dance Music) It all reminded me of Disco music. Disco music was popular back in the mid 1970’s you guys remember the Tramps Disco Inferno and The Bee Gees and Donna Summer etc. All of these songs have that driving bass and drum beat with rhythmic guitar and keyboards for good measure. The remixes especially had that sound that put the listener in a trance when you were dancing and getting caught up in the beat. SO it began to make sense to me while I was driving that Trance, Drum and Bass, EDM, Techno, House all were Disco’s offspring. So when Disco was dying out and people were shouting Disco Sucks and Disco is Dead they never dreamed that Disco never did die it just lost popularity and came back not as one genre of music but 5 reincarnations. I guess that old saying there is nothing new under the sun is true. There really isn’t it just comes back in a new and improved package as it were. The difference between disco music and the many children it gave birth to is that the musicians and mixologists at the time worked with live instruments and tracts and what ever computer technology that was available at the time. The process took a bunch of people in the studio. Nowadays everything can be done with one person and a few guests. Everything can be done on computer with the use of Pro Tools and other music programs.It is also safe to say if you want to be accepted in the music business you not only have to have some talent but you need to be computer savvy as well.I find it kind of funny to see the new generation of kids embrace something my generation used to groove to but put their spin on it. every now and then I have to remind my daughter of that. What I hope this blog does is to get parents to listen to their kids music more. Maybe the sharing of musical ideas will help bring you closer like it does for me and my kids. They get a true musical history lesson every time they listen to something. I make sure they know where the sounds of today comes from. Thanks for reading and happy listening. P.S. if you want to hear or learn more about Ariana Grande you can check out her website: more on Yarbrough and peoples go to their website. They are still making music in Texas they perform Gospel Music now and I am sure they do their old dance classics like Don’t Stop The Music.

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