Conscious Rapper KZ Pensacola’s Artist ofthe 21st Century

Note: This is the video Champion performed by rap artist KZ


Born from the projects and the hood, where life is real, comes forth a true warrior hailing from Pensacola Florida. This young man is not like other rappers who represent the streets where survival is the name of the game. He tactfully spits his truth about what he has seen and experienced in life. Who am I speaking of? His name is Samuel Johnson, but you may call him KZ. KZ is an award winning artists that let’s the listener know that you have to know where you come from in order to get where you are going. He speaks from the heart and he wants the world to know who he is and why you should take notice. In the song Champion, he is paying homage to his boxing hero Mayweather. The lyrics speaks of Mayweather’s hard work and determination to become the champion that he has become. You can almost do a compare and contrast on how KZ got to be where he is. I have to laugh a little, because when I first played this uplifting and encouraging song, my cat Sugar actually sat and listened to it with me. The look on her face was priceless. She had this smile on her face and glint in her eyes as if she knew the song was about her. She even had this attitude and swagger about her that said, “yes I am the champion and you better recognize.” Recognize is something other rappers need to take notice of. KZ is part of the ongoing change in the world of rap. He is not glamorizing booty shaking women who would do anything for money. He is not talking about the pimps and drug dealers who run the streets in a lot of urban areas as if they were heroes. He may use some profanity but he is addressing why black men get no peace. Check out the award winning song below. This song was written with Snoop Dogg.

This young man has been featured in the 2016 freshman class article in XXL magazine. He has won 1st Place Global Best song Winner,Top 10 Finalist of National 16bars Competition (2015), As well as a Semi Finalist in The Unsigned Hype National Competition (2015). All of these achievements were accomplished in a 5 month period this year. He collaborated on a song titled NO PEACE with Snoop Dog because he won the national best song competition (2015). KZ also participated in B.E T. Freetyle Friday in 2013 on a show called 106&Park. KZ is also featured on HOT 97 Whos Next Website. KZ is the rap artist of the 21st century. Pensacola can be proud of this rapper with a conscious dropping knowledge for his fans now and generations to come. KZ is a force to be reckoned with along with rap artists like Kendrick Lamar. He is showing rappers that the time has come to shake off the negative images and show the world that we are a strong and resilient race of people. He is also a role model to those rappers that will come after him, giving them the blue print to see that they have an obligation to insight wisdom and give voice to those that have no voice. He in his own right is a champion.
Now this is my favorite part of this blog and you all know how we do when I find musical gems I love to share where you can get more information on an artist ……..
Street Motivation Magazine featured article 2016(Snoop Dogg on cover.

Blende Magazine Interview 2016.

Absolute Magazine cover & Rude boy Magazine Feature as well as sponsorship from RUDE BOY CLOTHING LINE 2016.

Featured Article in TRL(The Rhythmic Lounge) Magazine May 2016

Top 10 UNSIGNED ARTISTS Mixtape Featured on 50Cents released June 2016

He is also a featured artist IN XXL MAGAZINE FRESHMAN EDITION 2016. Take a second to check it out here
Current Finalist in Multi Platinum Super Producer Jazze Pha #ILLLISTEN National Competition as well.If you want more information on ths dynamic rapper you can go to his reverbnation page
and if still can’t get enough of his genious go to his page on Instagram @KZ_THEARTIST

you can also see him on his page on Facebook

Twitter @KZjohnson_1
and just one more video so you can always have KZ on your brain enjoy.

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