Burnis Mills New Haven’s Own Lighting Licks

untitled.pnglet's get awayuntitled.pnglet's get awayuntitled.pnglet's get awayuntitled.pnglet's get awayuntitled.pnglet's get awayuntitled.pnglet's get away

I do not own this song. this song was written and performed by Burnis Mills From his album Let’s Get Away.

Born and raised in New Haven Ct a home grown guitarist is very good at what he does musically. This is an understatement.Coming from the same blood line as his cousin Stephanie Mills  I would put him in the same ranks as Earl Klugh and George Benson and George Johnson i.e. the Brothers Johnson just to name a few. Burn and I go way back in fact I met him when I was dating and then married his equally talented bass playing brother Billy. That was back in 1990. I always thought he had a cool demeanor about him.  He was always about business when it came to his job and music.  I remember seeing him and Billy prepare for gigs with their band First Approach. I have so many fond musical memories of the two of them. Now Burn as he likes to be called has embarked on a journey in the genre of Smooth Jazz. He has enlisted some great musicians to help him move forward with his project Let’s Get Away. The title track is my favorite because it is a very sultry and sexy track. In the beginning you hear a man saying how long he and his lady has been together and he wanted to express his love to her musically.  This Cd will  be the catalyst to a very romantic evening, The next cut I love is the remake of All This Love by Debarge.  Burn has given this song a smooth Latin jazz flare that will have you wanting to salsa your way across the floor with your special someone. This Cd will take you places you have never been musically.  When I let my dad hear this Cd in the hospital I told him who Burnis was and he said oh this dude is the real deal.  My brother even compared him to the likes of Hiroshima. His guitar playing skills is perfection ,he makes your soul sing and your mind will definitely be on a musical trip of its own. His style is not just one note, no he is not a one trick pony when it comes to playing music. Burn can play gospel, R&B. rock and has played with a number of different groups and ensembles to add to his resume. I hope you all go to his page Burn Mills on Facebook and reverbnation.com  and check him out I highly recommend it. You will be happy that you did. My bro in law doing big with his Cd Let’s Get Away available on I Tunes and other digital media. Once you hear him you will know why I call him New Haven’s Own Lighting Licks.

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/let-s-get-away/id784671465          untitled.pngburn mills


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