Blu Casey: More than Just a Singer

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Uncle Terry Casey From Mazarati Days         My Sissy Blu Casey

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Hello Metronome Theory Lovers and Friends, I’m about to introduce to you a wonderful singer and business woman. She comes from a long line of Gospel singers. Her name is Blu Casey. Her last name may be familiar to you if you are a Mazarati fan. She is the niece of the original front man of the band Terry Casey. This woman is dynamic because of her devotion to her sons as a single mom the support of her family especially her Uncle Terry. She communicates with her uncle’s fans and relays their messages of admiration and love to him. In fact, that is how we met via YouTube.  That was so long ago and we have been like sisters ever since talking about music and the ups and downs of life and being single moms.  She is one of the few females I consider a friend.  She is also an excellent businesswoman. She owns an adult store online called Casey’s Playground.  Everything she touches turns to gold. She is also very humble it’s funny that she did not think she was worthy of being written about. Here is why I think she is because she has that soulful and gospel feel to her vocals. She can sing alone and in harmony. She can also sing her own songs but do something else that I value and takes great skill. She can sing someone else’s songs and make them her own. She puts her own spin on it and gives you a new way of seeing and thinking about that song.  Here is a perfect example I love the song Baby Come to Me by Regina Belle. It’s a classic romantic love song. When I heard Blu’s version I immediately said this is going in my stash for that special evening with a certain someone. It really spoke to me. I am sure many of her fans that go out to see her perform or those who hire her for events would agree wholeheartedly.  Her vocal stylings are broad she can sing anything from Gospel to Rock and everything in between.   I am really honored to share this artist with you and I hope you enjoy her talent and visit her store to add a little spice in your love life. Please enjoy the video which she did herself. At the end of the day, it is all done with love and admiration of her fans.   Here are a few of her favorite songs from her Sing Snap Karaoke page.

A Fool In Love by Tina Turner reimagined By Blu Casey

Fields Of Gold by Sting reimagined by Blu Casey

Love Will Lead You Back by Taylor Dane reimagined by Blue Casey

River Deep Mountain High by Tina Turner reimagined by Blu Casey

Stuck Like Glue by Blu Casey

The Best by Blu Casey


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