Azborn Bey the New Clear Poet Hope for Hip-hop Or The Resurrection of a Genre

When we think of Hip-Hop or when I think of Hip-Hop or Rap I am transported back to the 1980s where it all began in New York. People like Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Eric B and Rakim, and LL Cool J were the original microphone fiends. They were delivering a message giving us all a front row view of life in the hood. These pioneers laid the groundwork for dropping knowledge. KRS1 was one of the pioneers of conscious rap taking cues from the street poets of his time. In the 1990s through 2000s, we saw the emergence of less knowledge, more imagery. The negative imagery featured the sexualization of women, and the honoring of your friendly neighborhood drug dealer. This led to a dangerous situation for young black males. The scenario perpetrated this lie: You too can be successful in the Rap game all you have to do is sell drugs and use the funds to support your career.
The reality is that drug dealing had changed and the punishment exceeded the crime. There are now lots of talented rappers doing time like a murderer. Some will never see the light of day or see their dreams of becoming a successful rapper come true. Vulgarity became the norm in a genre that was once considered a fad. The youth and many other people suddenly became desensitized to what they were viewing and feeding their minds. Rap was being killed by the music powers that be and the fans.
It is now 2016, and there is a resurgence of rap artists that are paying tribute to “drop knowledge.” They are speaking on issues that matter to the black community as a whole. They are giving us hope that maybe all is not lost in this genre that once held a place of dignity and real creativity. Kendrick Lamar and others like him are carrying that torch for the mainstream listener. There is, however, an independent musical warrior with style all his own. His mission is to give African Americans knowledge about their culture. He uses his lyrics to tackle subjects like the 14th amendment, governmental control, and mental slavery. He allows the listener to define “truth” on his own. Who is this rapper slash spoken word artist I am talking of? His name is (drum roll please…) New Clear Poet! Or as I call him: Nuclear Poet. He is powerful and dynamic like atomic energy. He is in-tuned with his people including the things that matter to us as a race. He is what he speaks. He truly is a man of honor. His intellect is hypnotizing and mesmerizing. He is easy on the mind, soul, and spirit. His song, I Am, is referring to people in history that perpetrated the game as we know it. He even talks about the recent murders committed by the police including their representatives. No one is doing that really, but he boldly proclaims he is a King and you can’t help but believe not only he is but we all are from royalty and we need to stand up and take our place. It is a powerful illustration of how the status quo works to keep us down as a nation and we willingly help.
The next song that is of great importance is called Life Is Forever. This song speaks of the philosophies and language is used to shape us as a people. He does not give us answers to the many issues that perplex us as a people, but he causes us to think, become who we are once we discover the tools to educate, and equip ourselves; to be ready to take our rightful place in society.
This highly intellectually sound, sexy, incredibly gifted man is the reason why I have fallen back in love with Hip-Hop. Once again he has given me hope and a reason to find pleasure in a genre that has now become a home for degrading and tearing down the people it’s supposed to represent to the world. He is on a mission to show us the way to open our eyes and see that the Emperor is naked. Some changes truly need to be made in this business called Hip-Hop and Rap. Music has the power to heal and uplift and Poet as his friends call him takes that very seriously. I hope you as real music fans will take the time to seek him out and support the movement to resurrect the Genre of Hip Hop you will be glad that you did. Now, this is my favorite part of this article paying homage to this spoken word mastermind. I get to share where you can find out where you can hear his music and get at him. The first place to find our enlightened guru is a music website for independent artists called I Compositions, please click on the link below and be prepared to have your mind blown.
The next site is Reverbnation he has two songs on there you will adore and gain appreciation for his artistry
You can also find him on Twitter
So as always I wish you nothing but love and peace and lots of soul and thank you for supporting this eloquent wordsmith New Clear Poet the man who could save the world of Hip-Hop.

My dear music lovers here is an update on Azborn Bey aka The Nuclear Poet. He has a brand new talk show on Blog Talk Radio. He calls his show More Power Mondays.

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