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I do not own this song. This song is written and performed by Android Moon.(Artificial Intelligence)


Ladies and Gentleman I present to you one of the most unique Alternative Rock bands that I have come across. They play the sub genre of Space Fumes Rock. I present to you from Milwaukee, Wisconsin Android Moon. Android Moon consists of three multi talented musicians two of them are brothers and the other a friend. The Members of Android Moon Are Stephen Haynes background vocalist/bass player extraordinaire he brings the funk and soul as well as the rock. Quentin Haynes the multi-tasker he plays guitar and keyboards and is a prolific writer whose lyrics will penetrate your very soul they draw you into him and then he conquers your heart with his lead vocals.Then there is the drummer Darryl Douglas coming on strong bringing the back beat like a mad scientist or master mixologist blending his skills with the other two members of the band. When you listen to them play you think you are listening to a 5 piece band and like Rush there are only three members bringing forth all that musical power. You can hear the influence of many people when you experience Android Moon. I guess that is what I like about them most is because the band may be small but they deliver a powerful punch. They put the scifi in space fumes with a little funk on the side. Here is an update for you Android Moon Fans go to and order their new 2014 single called Once in A Life time.

2 thoughts on “Artist profile: Android Moon

  1. The song ‘Once in a Lifetime’ is amazing! I almost cried several times. This song made me feel the feels. I felt like I was in this man’s shoes.

    • Thanks for your comments. I am sure Android Moon will love to hear what you had to say.

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