“Are we losing the Art of Real Musicians?” Why? Thoughts?

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This question came directly from Brown Mark himself on his Facebook and Twitter page. It is a question that me and my musician friends have talked about in great length. Are we losing the art of real musicians? Well are we I really want to know what you all think because I think we are. I even said this too my kids the 1990’s was the last decade of real musicianship and art. We began at the end of that decade to see the decline of music and musicians being responsible for their art and how they are represented in all genres of music. I think it is sad because I think of my late Grandmother who loved Gospel music and when she heard the Mighty Clouds of Joy and other urban contemporary Gospel artists she called their sound bug music and not worthy of the respectable praise that God deserves. That was back in the 1980s so I would hate to see what she things of Gospel music today and the many sub genres that are now represented. I will admit back in the 1970s we had some questionable music that raised an eyebrow or two but the difference was that the risqué artists were live and played their own music while we heard the woman in the back ground moaning and groaning in her sheer delight of pleasure, yet to me as a child she just sounded constipated in desperate need of some Fletcher’s Castoria. Even in the 1980s the technology in music had improved and all kinds of mystical magical things were happening with vocals and all kinds of skills yet their was still a remnant of real musicians who really played and wanted to be represented fairly and with respect. Now here we are in the 2000s and we hear and see all kinds of musical crazy stuff going on. we see classically trained and well educated musicians losing themselves to the money trail. It’s like watching a ritualistic burning of a pure sacrifice to a false god called Fame and Fortune. It’s sad. these brilliant people come out looking like fools and clowns and with the help of A&R by any means necessary they alter their minds bodies and talents to give us garbage and on awards shows have the nerve to disrespect artists that were before their time and were and probably still more real than they every will. Motown used to have a class for their artists on how to behave, how to dress, walk , talk , interview and how to be presented to the public and how to perform. We need to go back to that. We need to go back to a time when we had real singers in all genres of music real musicians who played music and they practiced because they wanted the world to see them at their best. They did not use profanity or outrageous behavior as a prop. The true artist represented. Lots of music purists seem to thing that video which was only used by people who shopped their music to record labels ruined music. I feel lots of things did. As society and morals and other social ills helped to decline what we consider music and the skill of presenting music as an art. I feel like music no longer has a positive message to help anyone these days it’s all about being disrespectful and what sells and we all know what that is. It’s not about art or talent anymore it’s about what sells and once you are no longer popular you get tossed to the side like trash or we get to see the over exaggerated popular person crash and burn before our eyes and become another statistic. It is a sad shame but this is my opinion what is yours? I am sure there are some who totally disagree with me but as long as you are not disrespectful tell us what you think? What do you think has happened to real music? Or as what Brown Mark asked Are we losing the art of real musicians?


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