Andre’ Cymone Welcome Back Dre’

A-87079-1269124733 ac3Andre’ Cymone is known for his award winning work with his Ex-Wife Jody Watley. Andre’ Cymone is well known for his part in developing the Minneapolis sound and being Prince’s bass man and long time pal. They took the 1980’s by storm.They made history. Andre’ Cymone is known as a wonderful solo artists and song writer.  He gave us timeless classics like Dance Electric, Lipstick Lover and Kelly’s Eyes just to name a few.  It has been more than 20 years since we heard from him. This is until now. Ladies and Gentleman and all Andre’ Cymone fans and admirers I present to you the new Cd The Stone. This Cd gives us a new view at a very talented artist.  He is free from all the make up and free to actually be himself and return to his roots Rock and Roll.  I would say that this cd is very clean. Andre has put a lot of himself into this Cd .  He is true to himself and his art and you can hear it. I can hear the smile on his face.  The title track Rock and Roll pulls you into his musical journey.He shares his love for this genre by singing this ode to Rock and Roll. He takes us on a musical  autobiographical trip about his friendship with Prince on the song One Day.  He ends the Cd with a very uplifting track called Live Life something we all must do.  Andre has not gone away or tarnished .This artist has gotten better with time just like a fine wine would. I highly recommend all you Cymone fans to get this Cd. I felt like I was getting reacquainted with an old familiar friend. Andre does not disappoint with this new effort. This Cd was produced by Andre Cymone and I am glad he is back. I wish him well with all his musical endeavors. I can’t wait for the next musical project and hope to see him at a theater  soon. If you want to see more information about this artist you can find him on Twitter and Facebook. You can also go to his website You will be glad you did.



                This song is called Rock and Roll . It is not owned by me. It is written and performed by Andre Cymone, it is from the album called The Stone.

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  1. Nice job, Sis. Your website looks great. Hope you have much success with this. Our music tastes are polar opposites but I will like learning why you listen to what you do.

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