About Me: Katherine Mills aka Metronome Theorist

I began my love affair with music when I was very young.As long as I can remember music was apart of my life it didn’t matter where I was. My experience began with music when I joined my chorus group at school at Church Street Elementary School. I remember my teacher Ms. Helen she let us sing a great variety of music traditional and popular Elton John being one of my favorites. I sang all of my academic career except for 9th grade because the school I went to was a technical school and they did not have a music program. I as a child used to write song lyrics which over time became poetry. I have always been a fan of instrumentation. Stanley Clarke was my first bass player I ever had a liking to. I give credit to my knowledge of music to my Uncle Raymond. He introduced jazz to me. He showed me that some of my favorite bands like Earth Wind and Fire had jazz beginnings and influences. I had always been a fan of rock music and Aerosmith was one of my many favorites.I tried my hand at playing a musical instrument during my youth but I never got the backing I needed to continue with the flute and violin. I had gotten a guitar as a Christmas gift when I was very little and the guy at the music store said I was too little to play it. I had it for years and the I sold it when I became an adult. I understood theory and how music was made I had great vocal instructors who taught us how to read notes etc. I also collected lots of music as a child. I believe when I had fallen in love with a bass player and married him was the time that I began to appreciate technique and rhythm and the importance of the bassist in a band. I can literally now envision a song and how the music should sound. I relate very well with musicians and can say some of them are really good friends of mine. As a friend of mine used to say he loved me for my musical mind. I am not a musician but a huge fan but I have the spirit of a musician which means when I listen to music I listen not only because I like a song but I experience it technically as well. Music is the best lover I have ever had in my entire life. Music has been around longer than some of the relationships whether romantic in nature or not that I have had the chance to be involved in. Music is my true love and I will always find ways to write and express my devotion to it through the art of others. I hope you enjoy what I share and I hope it will encourage others to seek out the artists I profile. Thank you for your support
yours in music
Katherine Mills.

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