A Moment of Silence

I would like to thank all of you who have supported the Metronome Theory since its beginning. I have not been available to do any updating because about a month ago I lost my beloved step dad the man who raised me since I was seven years old. His name is Thomas Ricks Sr. I as well as my family received lots of cards and well wishes from many people family and friends. We truly appreciated your thoughts and prayers. I have to mention that three years ago this coming July I lost my biological father Sidney Tate. My sister and I mourned his loss but not like this death of our father. When Thomas Ricks Sr passed away I was left with this great big gaping hole in my life. This experience was different. I actually along with my mom watch this man in about two years go from a major transformation. I not only watched him change spiritually and become a true man of God but physically. He was always heavy set and full of live and he did not take no shorts from nobody. He was the type of person who let people know up front where you stood with him. You knew if he cared or didn’t care about you. He was very outspoken but loved and protected his family with a fierceness. My cousin said it best he was a man’s man. Not too many men can be called a man not only because of his gender but also his mannerisms. He taught his children well. I can honestly say that all of my brothers and sisters are my personal heroes. I have step siblings but we did not treat each other that way we were all his children and we felt that. I am writing and reflecting about this as I remember watching and waiting for this strong man to die before my eyes. I was with my mom and I went with her everyday to the hospital, dealing with hospice and everything concerning him along with my younger brother. My children saw a little of it and it was rough on all of us. The best thing about the whole ordeal even when he was rallying really strong he knew that all of us love and appreciated him and we knew he felt the same about us. I can honestly say that when he died my love for music died a little bit. I had lost the passion I had for music. Music always was my go to therapy when I was feeling down it helped me when I lost my dad Sidney but it did nothing for me when I lost Thomas. I felt like I was in the darkest hole I could ever be in. I would have days and nights to where all I would do is cry and I felt like I did not know what to do with myself. What helped me was the support that I got from my spiritual family and God himself. God has given me the gift of forgiveness and love and acceptance. He has given me the ability to search him out and see for myself that what the religions of the world teach are the same falsehoods and traditions they have been doing for centuries and that they will be paying for their dirty deeds when God is ready. I could truly give my witness or testimony on my life but this site is not for that purpose. God has taught me to have that Agape love for all of those I care about no matter what they believe or how they live because I am not the ultimate judge. How can I be when I make mistakes daily and always have to say I am sorry. Now that I have gotten that out of my system, I can now say that you will be seeing some new things on my site and some more changes will be happening as well. I can’t say what all I am doing but I hope that you will enjoy what I post about music and the artists that create it. Some things will be blasts from the past but most of all you will see that my love and passion for the music has come back. I hope that you truly will enjoy what I post. Thanks again for your support Love always Katherine Mills
the Metronome Theorist.
P.S.The song you are listening to Guiding Light doesn’t belong to me It is owned and performed by Earth Wind & Fire.

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