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the song below is Shining Star performed and owned by Earth Wind and Fire




Hello music fans and lovers, it has been a while since I made any commentaries about the one subject I am very passionate about.  I’m not talking about industry stuff I am comparing how we listen and get our musical fix.  I am proud to be a woman of a certain age and I love listening to music. I also love writing and talking to the people who create my favorite thing to talk about as well.  Anyway, I want to take you back in time the 1970s I was a kid back then and that was when I was really coming into my own concerning music and my love affair with it.  I remember listening to the radio back then; I listened to four radio stations at different times of the day. I lived in Hamden, Connecticut a suburb of the greater New Haven area. I would wake up in the morning and start my day with 1460 Waves AM. That was our pop station.  I would hear the likes of Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Three Dog Night, Bon Jovi, Kiss and more they would play the occasional artist of color so that they could legally say it was a pop station. I loved this station I even listened to them in the evening when my sister and I had to wash dishes after supper.  She would wash one night and I would dry or I would wash one night and she would dry.  Then I discovered 1340 WNHC that was the R&B station and where my mentor Jazzy was the late afternoon on-air man all the way to when whisper softly would come on I forgot who the Dj was that did that but that was the slow jam portion of the program.  WNHC moved to North Haven CT and became an FM station then over the years they went off the air. When I was an eleventh grader I got to meet my mentor Jazzy. He was tall and Chocolate brown in complexion and he had these eyes Oh MY. He had a big Fro. He wore glasses and had a voice that would stop traffic and he had an eye for the ladies, he let me come into the studio where they played music and the Dj that was before him his name was Mike don’t remember his last name he was good too. Mike was maybe five eight five nine and he was light in complexion he was ok looking too but he was not Jazzy. That experience helped to fuel my passion for music and how it is presented I wanted to be a DJ and Jazzy after me meeting him at a career day at my high school showed me the ropes.  He showed me that when the red light was on he was live on air and I could not speak.  When the light was off it was ok to speak and ask questions. I was 17 at the time and it did not matter because the whole time Jazzy stared at my chest along with Mike like deer caught in headlights. That’s how I know he had the eye for the ladies.  I truly believe if he was trying so hard to hold on to his professionalism and the console was between us I would have been in the studio with a human octopus. I must get back on track the other station I listened to as a kid was the college station WYBC FM which is now currently the main station that represents the African American Community in New Haven. I then listened to WBLS FM from New York that was the station to listen to if you wanted to hear the latest and greatest urban and dance music. Dj Red Alert and many other famous New York Dj came from that station doing a remix and party segments.  I remember not knowing who my favorite artists looked like sometimes you saw them on album covers and sometimes you had to wait until Right On magazine or Tiger Beat teen magazine did an article on that artist.  These magazines were known for their pin-up posters of the sex symbol of the day be it a group, single music artist or actor. I had my fair share of posters. The ultimate way to see your favorite artists back started late at night I remember Friday nights mom letting me stay up to watch Don Kershner’s Rock Concert, The next day after cartoons and chores were done Soul Train and American Bandstand. Then late that night was The Midnight Special. That was how I got to see my favorite music artists perform and even see them in concert. That does not include the many variety show appearances and dance shows Like Solid Gold. I think there was also a show called In Concert.  The next best thing was going to the record store and buying small records called 45s and albums and the 12in Dj’s cut of a single song from the original and all the many ways to remix this one song the 12 in the disc is the same size as an album.  Then there were eight tracks and cassettes. Nowadays we can get music in almost every form reel to reel, eight-track, cassette, record and digital.  Music doesn’t have to be a tangible entity any more music can be downloaded and played on your cell phone before a digital Walkman was the rage even portable eight-track players and cassette player and boom boxes not to mention cd players.Radio has even changed you can listen to custom stations via satellite stations such as Sirius and XM or online Stations like I Heart Music and Tune IN. You are no longer limited to local stations you can hear music from all over the world on these stations. Music has definitely evolved with the changes.  I love music any way I can get it; I am a firm believer in paying for your music because just like getting music has changed so has the creation and distribution music.  There are lots of independent music artists that depend on money from the consumer to survive. I won’t go too much into that because that’s another story. I would be interested in finding out how you the fans like getting your music what form. Thanks for your support and reading a commentary from me.

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