There are new things coming to theMetronome Theory

Dear Friends and supporters
I want to say thank you for all for the love and support you have been giving me. The bands and individual artists appreciate your support as well. The purpose of this site is to help artists to broaden their fan base and to use the articles I write about them to help further their musical endeavors and to connect with other artists. The articles I write can also be used as part of a promotional package and be placed in EPK packages when sending out information about their experiences when trying to obtain work performing. This is a win-win situation for everyone. With that being said I am going to start charging a fee for the service I provide. It was a tough decision but I realized that what I do can cost an artist hundreds of dollars and I was actually doing it for free. I also had to make this decision because of my own financial obligations. However, I will not break anyone’s bank; I am only charging $20. I know some in the business will say I’m “low balling” but, again, I’m not trying to break anyone’s bank. I want to make a living just like the music artists strive to. I consider this blog as my job and it is also my art. This is a way for me to contribute to the music industry, by getting the word out about independent artists that deserve to be on the world stage. I do this so that they can continue doing what they love without the hassle of being under contract or owned by a label. Prince had to fight for his freedom. I want my Indy artists to stay free. Anyway, I hope you all understand and will continue to support me in my endeavors with this blog as well. I will be accepting payment by Paypal. I will be in the process of setting this up in the next few days. I will let you all know when it is all up and running. Until then, keep the faith and know that I love you all.
Always….. Kathy aka The Metronome Theorist.

What would You do Without Music



images.jpgmel2 I do not own this song is written and performed by Ms. Meli’sa Morgan.(Fool’s Paradise)

What would you do without music? I ask myself that as a true music lover who believes that music is the back drop to our lives. I can remember times when music really provided a therapeutic respite for me whenever I was going through difficult situations that we get into. Music has been part of some really cool memories that I have had in my life. Music has truly been the back drop of my life ever since I can remember. How has it been part of your life?

“Music” in Your World!


untitled.pngbrown mark1


The music in my world plays a very Important part.   I was thinking about that as my daughter and I watched the Video Tape Motown 25. This was the music special where Michael Jackson debuted his back ward slide dance. He was taught this dance by Jeffrey Daniel  and another dancer. I remember the soul-train episode when Jeffrey and two other guys in their dance group did this dance. Apparently MJ saw the same show and wanted to learn the dance so he commissioned these men to teach him.  Mj really made this dance his own and called it the moon walk.   I also found it was a teaching time for my daughter because It was just amazing to see these performances again and to see how many of the participants in that show have passed away.  The M.C. Richard Pryor did say that the show was so spectacular that we would never see the likes of it again.  This was true. They don’t even play this in rerun on any channel.  This show was also a fundraiser for Sickle Cell Anemia.  It was petty nice.  I miss shows like that and educating my daughter about them made it really cool.  This was a musical show that really was a true celebration about music the Motown sound. Barry Gordy did something  that was very ingenious during his time and helped changed the course of music during that time he made history. Even now as I look forward at the music scene artists like Brown Mark and groups like Mazarati as well as independent groups like Funkilinuim are making strides to bring back music the way it used to be. Artists who believe in the true artistry of music and the pure talent of musicianship are using technology to recreate purity to the sound and to educate new artists about musical integrity and being responsible for your work and content along with how you want to be presented and seen as an artist. This is very important in the industry now because I can see it imploding on itself and self destructing. I guess only music purists and those seeking musical truth and artistry will understand what I mean.