Elroy “Spoon Face” Powell: UK’s Own Triple Threat


The old expression, “Birds of a feather flock together”, is how I will describe the relationship between Elroy “Spoon Face” Powell and Colonel Red. It was through Redz that I was introduced to Spoons. This Intelligent, Articulate, Magnificent man is a triple threat in the truest form of the phrase. He is a singer with a voice that will give you the tingles as my 17-year-old daughter says. He has a vocal style comparable to Barry White, in fact, he had a number one song on the music charts internationally and in the UK for his rendition of the song, You See the Trouble With Me (Black Legend). This song was originally from the Barry White Album Let The Music Play. Spoons were only in his 20’s when he hit number 1 on the music charts and was touring and enjoying life as a successful singer.  He was riding high then suddenly the tides with his record label began to shift and his music career began to wane, because he was trying to explain and go a different direction musically and the label, as usual, was not having that. Spoons had to tap into his reserve of skills and discovered that he had the knack for business. In fact whenever he decides to do a task, he likes to be challenged. So he not only learned about the music business, but he came up with his own social networking business called Diverse Music Solutions or DMS. This is a dynamic organization that assists new emerging artists with music publishing opportunities and they also run community focused projects.  He mentors and goes to schools and he speaks from his experience in the music business and shows these students and emerging artists the realities of the music business.  He also came to the realization that he can also act and write scripts and even direct a series. His Webisode called Forbidden Truth – BLACK GENESIS is proof of this talent as well. The Series is a fictional drama exploring the daily lives of diverse London communities brought together by their local environment. His other acting credits include being in Star Wars 7 and Now You See It.

Spoons believe that as an artist, your work should be purposeful and reflect who you really are and not just the status quo.  You should also ask yourself why you are doing a specific project and what does this project do for you besides put money in your bank account.  Your work should bring you happiness and you should be able to stand by your work knowing that you accomplished much with it. His feelings in life are just as profound.  He feels like in life you need to be able to give back and not just take. You should be able to do things in your community without being political or religious about it.  You should also do things in your career so that it can continue to sustain you.  Believing in yourself, finding what your niche is, and knowing what to do to avoid the traps that can pull you out of your purpose and find balance in your career and life are really important  in being successful and knowing what your limitations are.  Having a support system is also key. He credits his vocal teacher and mentor Lisa Millett for nurturing his singing ability as well as his mom for helping to keep him grounded. Our conversation was enlightening and gave insight about a man who is truly a triple threat.  Maybe he’s more than a triple threat, because we will definitely have more coming from him creatively in the near future.



Now for my favorite part as always. I get to share with you where to find more information about this multi-tasking talented man who I am now honored to call him my friend.

Music Solutions .org, :http://musicsolutions.org.uk

Twitter/Instagram: @spoonface1

Free Slide Share: 5 things for emerging talent to consider:http://bit.ly/dmsotr1

More About DMS:http://bit.ly/dmsmb1a

Personal Website:http://spoonface.net

Forbidden Truth Links: Webisode 1,2 and 3.




password for Forbidden Truth videos:

Password – ftsuccess1


I also like to let you experience his vocals by leaving you with his video of the song You See the Trouble With Me (Black Legend). Enjoy.


Colonel Red: Up In Sound

This is the song Up In Sound Written and Performed by Colonel Red

3258978.jpg colonel red 1

3821066.jpgpride and ploitix 1

How can I begin to tell you about one of the most interesting and musically innovative men I had the pleasure to meet via the net? The man that I am speaking of has my complete undivided attention. Give it up for Colonel Red! Why is this so? His musical history is one of the many reasons he speaks so eloquently (I love a man with a huge brain and he has one very intellectual-like). I also love the fact that he is totally transparent to people he has a connection with. Musically he is a classical artist. He is very intricate. However, you can understand where he is coming from. The fact that he is so versatile you will never ever become bored with what he presents to you. His musical message touches on subjects such as love, relationships to human growth, and change, as well as songs that encourage working toward your goals.
Colonel Red comes from the UK born in the town of Birmingham. He is biracial. His father is Jamaican and his mother is English. He considers himself a black man. A very proud, strong, Jamaican man. I mention ethnicity because he feels like his background has everything thing to do with being the catalyst for his musical growth and who he is as a man. Speaking with Redz (his preferred name) was more than a joy. While conversing with him, I listened carefully to the way he expressed his feelings about music, the industry, talent, and the world. This experience was like getting a private invitation to peer into the mind of a musical genius.
He is a veteran artist that was in a band called, “Pride and Politix.” He has played everything from jazz, rock, reggae, funk and soul music. He was signed to Atlantic Records under his name, Nikki Romillie by one of the most powerful women in the music industry: Sylvia Rhone (My Hero). She has been responsible for many other artists you may know, such as Envogue and Simply Red.
Here is the song Hold On by Pride and Politix.



Please notice his vocals as the lead singer of this band. He was good then, but now as Colonel Red, he is even better. You know what they say about the fine wine: it gets better with time.
Redz like any other musician has had his share of ups and downs but it was the downs that inspired him to take charge of himself and music and create his music label INK REBELLION. He has come full circle and returned home and decided to bring his music, his creativity and his way to run his business. He had reinvented himself and began to accept his diverse way of playing music. He is now comfortable in his own skin and has taken control in ways he had never done before. You can hear about his journey musically on all of his CDs. My favorite is the song Up In Sound from the EP Love Wars, it gives a short bio as to how he took charge and decided to do things his way despite trials and tribulations. Colonel Red has traveled a long way from Pride and Politix and his journey to reclaim what belongs to him is currently underway. I encourage one and all to revisit and embrace this awe-inspiring man and see why he is Up In Sound to get his message of peace and love for all the world to experience.
Now as you know I get to do what I love to do and that is share how to get more information about Colonel Red.
In order we have his website, his EPK link and his sound cloud page


Colonel Red EPK link: http://epresskitz.com/COLONELRED

Sound Cloud Colonel Red :https://soundcloud.com/colonel-red

I like to end things on a high note so please enjoy this video by Colonel Red ENJOY!!!!!!

CoLoNeLReD- ‘Believe In Me’ FunkMental

Traebeanz: The man who has Conquered the World

Ladies and Gentleman let me present to you from Tifton, Ga the man who has triumphed over a con-man in the music industry and a health crisis that would change his life forever. It was this health crisis that lead to his journey that summoned up his courage and faith. This experience is what inspired him to bring to the fore a cause that is near and dear to his heart and it made him into the man we see before us today.
Traebean or Traebeanz is a singer and song writer with heart. He was introduced to music at an early age watching his aunts and uncles as well as older cousins perform in Macon GA in a family choir put together by his grandmother. This performer at the age of five was turned onto rap music. This was during the time when rappers like MC Hammer and Cool Moe Dee was popular. It was then that his cousin Dr. Lou and his partner that were in the lead of starting the music industry in Tifton GA. These were the men who showed him how to perform and helped to start a love affair for him with rap instead of singing in the beginning. It was this cousin Dr. Lou that had the idea to include the family choir and a group called the Crushing B Boys featuring a female cousin who called herself Candy girl as part of the family musical empire. Dr. Lou wrote their rap lyrics. Because they were kids, he kept the lyrics clean. With that consideration, they were all supported by the younger cousins’ parents. He was around six or seven when he started to travel around to different little towns and cities surrounding them to perform. The group would compete in talent shows around the area. The Crushing B Boys would win so much that they could not compete in any more talent shows.
Fast forwarding to Traebeanz teen years, he realized at the age of thirteen that girls liked singing, so that’s when he began to sing. He also began to free style rap at that time. When he began performing, he would love the way the crowd made him feel. That began his stint doing the talent shows from 13-16 years of age. He was being educated about the music business. He then had his first manager at the age of 16. She was from a small town in GA and was very ambitious. She was also working A&R as best she could. She took him to a showcase in Atlanta GA. They performed for an independent artist putting out his own music. He was also performing, at this time, with a first cousin from the rap group he was in as a child. He had two other gentlemen with him in this group, and they were singing 112’s song Love Me, and they blew everyone away. They were then noticed by Father MC. The same one who put out Mary J. Blige, and had the hit song “I Will Do for You”. If you are too young to know who Father MC is ask your parents or grandparents.
The manager of Father MC told these young men after their performance that he loved their act. He asked if they were available to stay for a 112 concert that was taking place the next night. He truly showed his interest in the young men. The young men did stay and attended the 112 concert. This was Traebeanz first concert that he had ever been to at the age of 16. He describes this experience as if they were in a movie. Father MC had them go to the VIP section of the club where they were. They were asked to sing a song they wrote called “Memories” that was written for their manager. Their manager’s sister had gotten killed so they wrote that for her. Father MC then took out his phone and began to call people concerning these talented young men. Father MC at the time was looking for acts for his distribution deal for his label, but he lied to the young men stating that he was the Senior Vice President of Capital Records. He basically was taking advantage of some small town talented young people for ill-gotten gain. You can actually go on google for more information on how Father MC went from respected music Icon to con man. This was a terrible blow to the young men who thought they were well on their way to fame and fortune. This is where faith comes in. One of the Assistants to Father MC involved happened to be a relative to one of the members in this group and it was her who saved the guys from heart ache. She told them not to sign and don’t believe everything you hear in the music business.
Now we are going to move ahead. After the major disappoint from Father MC, he decided to do what a lot of young men from the hood do. He hustled, and from that experience, he ended up being incarcerated and gained a nickname on the streets. That name is Traebeanz, because he sold ecstasy and in the streets ecstasy is also known as beanz. His real name is Trae, so there you have it. During this trial and tribulation he was still learning and studying the business. He did manage to get his high school diploma because that was what his mother wanted for him. He also learned about marketing when he was not aware of it by watching MTV news. Trae just continued to grow and learn and make connections to keep his dream alive and he was doing well in that respect but then tragedy struck in 2007.
It was the year 2007 when Traebeanz was in for the shock of his life. He was diagnosed with the eye disease Keratoconus.

According to Reference.com Keratoconus eye disease occurs when there are not enough antioxidants present in the cornea to protect the collagen from the harmful byproducts made by corneal cells, states WebMD. Collagen is the name of the protein fibers that hold the cornea in its usual dome shape. The condition is most often diagnosed in teenage patients, although it is not uncommon for doctors to see it in children or patients up to age 30. Rarely, people first develop Keratoconus eye disease at later ages.
About one in every 2,000 people has Keratoconus eye disease, meaning it is neither a common nor a rare condition, according to the National Keratoconus Foundation. People diagnosed with the condition visualize the world differently than people with normally shaped corneas because it is the job of the corneas to refract light entering the eye. In the early stages of the disease, patients commonly experience only slightly blurry vision and light sensitivity, so they may only require eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct their vision problems. More advanced treatments become necessary as the condition progresses
He went through five failed cornea rejections, which one almost took his life. His journey began when he was caught up on some charges and he had to do 90days at a prison boot camp. During an eye exam was when he was first diagnosed with his eye disease. When he came home from the boot camp he went to a Dr and he was properly diagnosed. He was happy that he could see after his last cornea surgery. That night he began to experience pressure like he had never heard before. He and his mom had to wait until the next day to see the Dr. They ended up sending him to a specialist an hour away from his home in Albany GA. They tried to save the rejected cornea and could not. The pressure got worst he was in so much pain. So then his mother and aunt ended up taking him to Tallahassee FL and they met the Dr. that saved his cornea he ended up having his last surgery in 2014 and he can now see 20/20. If you want to learn more about the eye disease Keratoconus you can got to the National Keratoconus Association website, please click on the link below. Traebeanz is also the international spokesperson for this eye disease and he encourages all to make sure they get their yearly eye exams. Eye health is very important.

Traebeanz did a video in 2016 called Get Away there is a snippet at the end of this video it is for a movie that showcases what it is like in this busy music mogul’s life as he juggles his music career and help guide others musically aspirations as well as help run a marketing company all while dealing with the ups and downs of having KC. The video is at the bottom of the page. Traebeanz has certainly worked hard and faced many adverse situations to be the success that he has become now and this is only the beginning for him. With all that he has been through you can truly say he has conquered the world and you better believe that the sky is the limit for this musical warrior from Tifton GA.
Now I get to do what I love to do and that is share where you can find out more about Traebeanz.

You can also find him on Sound Cloud


If you are interested in his marketing company Treasure Marketing you can go to


Here is the link to his music company Perfect Music Records


You can also check out Traebeanz on Facebook


Keratoconus Information
In August of 2016 he released a video called “Get Away”, which I personally love. Here is the video

Azborn Bey the New Clear Poet Hope for Hip-hop Or The Resurrection of a Genre

When we think of Hip-Hop or when I think of Hip-Hop or Rap I am transported back to the 1980s where it all began in New York. People like Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Eric B and Rakim, and LL Cool J were the original microphone fiends. They were delivering a message giving us all a front row view of life in the hood. These pioneers laid the groundwork for dropping knowledge. KRS1 was one of the pioneers of conscious rap taking cues from the street poets of his time. In the 1990s through 2000s, we saw the emergence of less knowledge, more imagery. The negative imagery featured the sexualization of women, and the honoring of your friendly neighborhood drug dealer. This led to a dangerous situation for young black males. The scenario perpetrated this lie: You too can be successful in the Rap game all you have to do is sell drugs and use the funds to support your career.
The reality is that drug dealing had changed and the punishment exceeded the crime. There are now lots of talented rappers doing time like a murderer. Some will never see the light of day or see their dreams of becoming a successful rapper come true. Vulgarity became the norm in a genre that was once considered a fad. The youth and many other people suddenly became desensitized to what they were viewing and feeding their minds. Rap was being killed by the music powers that be and the fans.
It is now 2016 and there is a resurgence of rap artists that are paying tribute to “drop knowledge.” They are speaking on issues that matter to the black community as a whole. They are giving us hope that maybe all is not lost in this genre that once held a place of dignity and true creativity. Kendrick Lamar and others like him are carrying that torch for the mainstream listener. There is, however, an independent musical warrior with a style all his own. His mission is to give African Americans knowledge pertaining to their culture. He uses his lyrics to tackle subjects like the 14th amendment, governmental control and mental slavery. He allows the listener to define “truth” on his own. Who is this rapper slash spoken word artist I am speaking of? His name is (drum roll please…) New Clear Poet! Or as I call him: Nuclear Poet. He is powerful and dynamic like atomic energy. He is in-tuned with his people including the things that matter to us as a race. He is what he speaks. He truly is a man of honor. His intellect is hypnotizing and mesmerizing. He is easy on the mind, soul and spirit. His song, I Am, is referring to people in history that perpetrated the game as we know it. He even talks about the recent murders committed by the police including their representatives. No one is doing that really but he boldly proclaims he is a King and you can’t help but believe not only he is but we all are from royalty and we need to stand up and take our place. It is a powerful illustration of how the status quo works to keep us down as a nation and we willingly help.
The next song that is of great importance is called Life Is Forever. This song speaks on the philosophies and language is used to shape us as a people. He does not give us answers to the many issues that perplex us as a people but he causes us to think, become who we are once we discover the tools to educate, and equip ourselves; to be ready to take our rightful place in society.
This highly intellectually sound, sexy, incredibly gifted man is the reason why I have fallen back in love with Hip-Hop. Once again he has given me hope and a reason to find pleasure in a genre that has now become a home for degrading and tearing down the people it’s supposed to represent to the world. He is on a mission to show us the way to open our eyes and see that the Emperor is truly naked. There are changes that truly need to be made in this business called Hip-Hop and Rap. Music has the power to heal and uplift and Poet as his friends call him takes that very seriously. I hope you as true music fans will take the time to seek him out and support the movement to resurrect the Genre of Hip Hop you will be glad that you did. Now this is my favorite part of this article paying homage to this spoken word mastermind. I get to share where you can find out where you can hear his music and get at him. The first place to find our enlightened guru is a music website for independent artists called I Compositions please click on the link below and be prepared to have your mind blown.
The next site is Reverbnation he has two songs on there you will adore and gain appreciation for his artistry
You can also find him on twitter
So as always I wish you nothing but love and peace and lots of soul and thank you for supporting this eloquent wordsmith New Clear Poet the man who could possible save the world of Hip-Hop.

Introducing Morris Mills Is he a Rocker or soul-man or is he just Purple?

Morris Mills Profile Pic(this song called U Turn Me on2 and the photographs are owned by Mr. Morris Mills and are being used with his permission)

Morris Mills is a world-class musician destined for greatness. How do I know this? All you have to do is listen to his digital CD “Purple”. It in itself is an ambitious undertaking because it is a double digital CD musical project. A rarity like this has not happened since 1996. If my memory serves me right, Janet Jackson was that artist.I am doing this blog a little bit different because Morris Mills had me do his liner notes and I have written some things there you all need to see. This however is a critique of “Purple” and maybe even a little bit of a fan letter at the same time. The first thing I need to tell you all about is the fact that he reminds me of Prince.You need to check out the song “Purple” which is the title tract. I love this song and it is a very fitting tribute to his friend Prince. It is haunting and soul stirring and as one of my friends said, so eloquently she had to “close her eyes because it was as if Prince was doing his own heart felt tribute”. This song is a tear jerker and will shake you to your very core as you flash back to where you were and who you were with when you got the news that Prince Rogers Nelson had died. I had to admit those feelings of disbelief and sadness came flooding back and I had to thank Morris for letting his music show the world how we all felt. Morris is a very well established artist. His guitar playing is hypnotic and he does things with his vocals that Prince did not do. He is a story teller and the pied piper at the same time, because listening to his music allows him to seep into you and you find yourself following him everywhere he goes on this magical mystical tour of his. I am very serious about my music especially if an artist decides to take on a remake or play another persons music and does it his way while paying honor to that performer. I want you, the reader, to sit back and check out this rendition of “Do Me Baby” by Prince performed by Morris Mills. He did this before Prince died but it is so right on time enjoy.

Another one of my very favorite songs on this album is called “Girl U Turn Me On”. I can actually see Dj’s and remix artists having fun with this song because it is already dance-able and fun. It puts you in that party mood and you escape back into a time when you went to the clubs and some guy was checking you out. You can almost hear a man saying these words to you as you both meet on the dance floor crossing a very crowded room. His song “God is Love” let’s you never forget that we are not alone no matter what is happening in our lives, and the guitar playing on this does what his vocals doesn’t because he takes you spiritually higher on this song and this is something that we need these days. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. “Disarm” is a song that was originally done by the Smashing Pumpkins and his rendition is spot on and it has that new wave rock feel to it. This musical Chameleon can not be boxed in because he can sing to you gently and soulfully in the song “Hello”. He can totally rock you out in “Jamie’s Girl” and have you on your knees as he finishes out the double cd venture with his rendition of “Purple Rain”. The many moods of an extraordinary musician can be found on this CD “Purple”.I thoroughly enjoyed this CD so much, and I give it a 10/10. Would listen again multiple times in its entirety. And I really hope you all enjoy it as much as I do and here is how to get it just click on the link. https://morrismills.bandcamp.com/. I can not ssay enough abut my friend Morris Mills. He is One in a million and I am very proud to share this musical gem with you all. I would say he is beyond Purple he is truly out of this world.Now you all know the drill if you want to know more check out these links below.

I will now leave you my sweets with a video called Hello from the sexy one himself Morris Mills

Conscious Rapper KZ Pensacola’s Artist ofthe 21st Century

Note: This is the video Champion performed by rap artist KZ


Born from the projects and the hood, where life is real, comes forth a true warrior hailing from Pensacola Florida. This young man is not like other rappers who represent the streets where survival is the name of the game. He tactfully spits his truth about what he has seen and experienced in life. Who am I speaking of? His name is Samuel Johnson, but you may call him KZ. KZ is an award winning artists that let’s the listener know that you have to know where you come from in order to get where you are going. He speaks from the heart and he wants the world to know who he is and why you should take notice. In the song Champion, he is paying homage to his boxing hero Mayweather. The lyrics speaks of Mayweather’s hard work and determination to become the champion that he has become. You can almost do a compare and contrast on how KZ got to be where he is. I have to laugh a little, because when I first played this uplifting and encouraging song, my cat Sugar actually sat and listened to it with me. The look on her face was priceless. She had this smile on her face and glint in her eyes as if she knew the song was about her. She even had this attitude and swagger about her that said, “yes I am the champion and you better recognize.” Recognize is something other rappers need to take notice of. KZ is part of the ongoing change in the world of rap. He is not glamorizing booty shaking women who would do anything for money. He is not talking about the pimps and drug dealers who run the streets in a lot of urban areas as if they were heroes. He may use some profanity but he is addressing why black men get no peace. Check out the award winning song below. This song was written with Snoop Dogg.

This young man has been featured in the 2016 freshman class article in XXL magazine. He has won 1st Place Global Best song Winner,Top 10 Finalist of National 16bars Competition (2015), As well as a Semi Finalist in The Unsigned Hype National Competition (2015). All of these achievements were accomplished in a 5 month period this year. He collaborated on a song titled NO PEACE with Snoop Dog because he won the national best song competition (2015). KZ also participated in B.E T. Freetyle Friday in 2013 on a show called 106&Park. KZ is also featured on HOT 97 Whos Next Website. KZ is the rap artist of the 21st century. Pensacola can be proud of this rapper with a conscious dropping knowledge for his fans now and generations to come. KZ is a force to be reckoned with along with rap artists like Kendrick Lamar. He is showing rappers that the time has come to shake off the negative images and show the world that we are a strong and resilient race of people. He is also a role model to those rappers that will come after him, giving them the blue print to see that they have an obligation to insight wisdom and give voice to those that have no voice. He in his own right is a champion.
Now this is my favorite part of this blog and you all know how we do when I find musical gems I love to share where you can get more information on an artist ……..
Street Motivation Magazine featured article 2016(Snoop Dogg on cover.

Blende Magazine Interview 2016.

Absolute Magazine cover & Rude boy Magazine Feature as well as sponsorship from RUDE BOY CLOTHING LINE 2016.

Featured Article in TRL(The Rhythmic Lounge) Magazine May 2016

Top 10 UNSIGNED ARTISTS Mixtape Featured on 50Cents Thisis50.com released June 2016

He is also a featured artist IN XXL MAGAZINE FRESHMAN EDITION 2016. Take a second to check it out here http://youtu.be/BdCP3jGM0gA
Current Finalist in Multi Platinum Super Producer Jazze Pha #ILLLISTEN National Competition as well.If you want more information on ths dynamic rapper you can go to his reverbnation page http://www.reverbnation.com/proylfik
and if still can’t get enough of his genious go to his page on Instagram @KZ_THEARTIST

you can also see him on his page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/kztheartist

Twitter @KZjohnson_1
and just one more video so you can always have KZ on your brain enjoy.

Producer To Watch: Arian Brooks

song by Chelsea Lovelle produced by Arian Books called Illusions

IMG_1788 IMG_1786 (1)

The Bronx in New York City is forever known as the home of Hip Hop and Rap. Many of the founding fathers of rap came from the Bronx. The Hip-Hop Rap movement have influenced many talented individuals. One such person is the subject of this article, Arian Brooks. Music has always played a big part in his life, as well as his older brother’s life Marc. Their mom sent them to a school of the arts. That was where their training began. They both learned to sing, play instruments, and act. It was Marc who played a big part in the Hip Hop movement. In addition, he influenced Arian to pursue a career in the music industry. Arian learned at an early age to Dj and rap at parties. He followed Marc to every event. When he got a little older, it was when a friend of his, Ruben, who wanted to become a rap artist. Ruben asked Arian to be his manager. As a result, Arian gained experience in music management. His thirst to learn more about the music industry lead him to further his education at Full Sail university where he earned his degree in Music Business. Arian is currently working as a producer. One of his major projects is working with a singer song-writer named Chelsea Lovelle. IMG_1352 She is the writer of the song featured on this page. It’s from her upcoming EP called “Watch Me.” Arian produced this song and it features a rapper named “C Money.” This is not all where his talent ends. Oh no….. He also designed the cover art for Chelsea’s Ep. How is that for one stop shopping? Arian feels like so many in the music industry that the music business is really hard to break into but those who work hard make it.
Arian intends to go further into the music business by someday owning a music management and consulting firm. I can see this talented man going very far because of his multi levels of talent as a singer, instrumentalist, and management as well as producing skills. He will be what many artists will need to stand in their corner to make their dreams come true. Chelsea is a prime example of this kind of creative partnership and isn’t that what many artists want a partnership with people who can help them make it to their next level of greatness without feeling enslaved to do what they love to create good music? Well Arian is well on his way to help music artists reach that goal.

Rodriguez Who??? The Man The Myth



download rodriguez 1              downloadrodriguez 2


downloadrodriguez 3


Detroit is a place where musicians live and fade away. This city is full of talent so much so that it should burst. Detroit is also full of slick record label owners and producers like leeches suck the gift out of artists and keep the profits then toss the artists away like bones from a chicken or steak. There is such a story about a Mexican-American man who could have been as big or bigger than Bob Dylan. In 1970, Sixto Rodriguez was used by a record label owner who wanted so much to be like Berry Gordy but he went about it the wrong way. My grandmother always said be careful how you treat people because what comes around goes around and that is what happened to this now defunct record label and owner. In my opinion, he is better than Dylan. He was raw and real because he lived in the neighborhoods in Detroit. He saw the disparity in the people. He worked as a laborer doing demolition the part nobody else wanted to do the gritty nasty part. He may not of experienced all of what he sang and wrote about but he knew people who did that’s the difference between Dylan and Rodrigues. Rodriguez when you look at him during his video he is very humble and he is really not about the extravagance or fancy things in life. This story is about life and how crazy it can be. This writer and singer went on for years not knowing that his music was the backdrop for change in the country of South Africa and was very much a part of the demonstrations against apartheid also the inspiration to many music artists in that country who wanted to be heard. That record label owner may have kept royalties and other money pertaining to the two albums Cold Fact and Coming from Reality but he did not stop the most important part people who were fans came looking for him. These people searched even when there was a rumor about his apparent suicide in front of a crowd of people when the show did not go well. Many people in South Africa and abroad wondered what happened to Rodriguez he just simply went to work supporting his family working in construction and being an activist in his community and running for mayor. He was a very hard-working and ethical man and taught his daughters really great lessons and he doesn’t seem to hold any malice toward that record label owner who dogged him. I can go on about this honorable man but I want you to see this man’s story for yourself.

Rap Artist: Maurico Man of Integrity

th.jpgmauricoNashville Tennessee is known as the country music capital of the world. This city, however, has a very large music community there is more than country music here. Whatever your musical taste you will find it there. Among the many artists stands a rap artist that feels his music will help create a change in an industry that did not start out as the negative image and foul language genre that it has become. This rapper has taken from the historical pages of the past and put positivity in his lyrics and set it to a hot track. The artist I am talking about is Maurico. Stating the fact that a rap artist these days as having integrity is a rarity. Most music you hear now are filled with cursing and glamorizing treating women as sexual playthings with no feelings. This genre helps the listener to see that being a pimp and drug dealer and spending time in jail and living a violent life is a good way to live. Little does the average listener know is that most of these guys may have known people who lived that life but they personally have never lived that life. They are all part of an image that the powers that be feel is a great way for an artist to basically be a cash cow. Maurico is not your average artist not only does he uplifts the woman in his song Autograph, but he has you thinking about how women should be honored. There are positive messages and lessons in his lyrics. He’s no angel but 99% of his music is curse word free. If he uses any foul language he is conveying and emotion. In the event, you should hear this word it blends in so well that you would not really notice it. In the song City Come Alive, you will hear an example of this. This is a man that will stay true to himself and he will not put out any music that will cause his mom or four sisters any shame. This artist is more than a rapper he is a talented songwriter and an accomplished singer. He feels that he as an artist has a responsibility to his fans and that is why he keeps his music PG. Maurico is definitely an artist on the move. If you want to know more about him here are some links where you can check him out.

download “Her Song” on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/her… You can also find him on Amazon my favorite music spot, Spotify.

You can also check out these videos if you can’t wait to check out this handsome young man in action you all know how we do I share the wealth……… Enjoy as I wish you guys Love Peace and much much music.

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